Hello everyone and how is it going today? Hopefully you guys are doing well and hanging in there, being safe and what not. Covid is still being a pain in the ass but I got my vaccine and hope you guys are doing so to be safe as well. Stop it before it get the room to mutate into some bad bad. Remember viruses don’t need a human host to live, mutate and survive. But anyways let’s get back on the subject at hand. 

So for those who have been following our site know a little bit of what I had found about the Pi Network project that I have been researching and testing. For those that don’t know Pi Network is a project that technically allows you to mine a new to be launched cryptocurrency called $Pi. Now I have been testing and looking into that project for quite a while and for the most part this seems to be a legit project but I will still warn you guys this project could become a scam which a lot of people have already be losing interest. So much so that another project has been created called Bee which you called download here: https://bee.com/en/download and use my refer code “rukun1028” and test with me. Also found this one called TimeStope, join here: https://www.timestope.com/rukun. But again these are not yet a crypto and also could be scams as well. But now I don’t have as much research on those projects just yet but I will be working on some blog/article posts for those projects soon.  But anyways, I have been running across my own little irritation with the Pi Network as I have been having to get customer support for a while to fix my profile so I don’t have issues with KYC since I verified or sign up using my Facebook account and it has my Facebook name instead of my birthname. Well it has my username I have for my Thoughts Of Everything username as well. But anyways I have been trying to contact them to get this issue fixed soon as I was working on running a node and plan on accept Pi for purchasing products and services for my business. Have even tried getting support in the Pi Network app to get a thumbs down from some user for asking for support on my issue which is a big issue considering I have been mining on the project since almost the beginning.

But recently in the summer that launched a kind of support ticket which I decided to use since all they had for the longest time was a website contact form. So I used it and contact them on July 11, 2021 and got this response in the quoted text below.

Due to high ticket volume, we will prioritize responding to constructive proposals and to critical issues that cannot be addressed by the FAQ, Community Wiki, or Pi Chat Moderators. The Core Team welcomes your meaningful questions and feedback, and even if you may not receive a response, your messages are monitored by Pi Core Team members.

Please remember that there are various places to seek support in Pi Network:

  • If you have questions about Pi Network, for example, how to earn Pi, or how the Pi App works, is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) inside the app or on our website: https://minepi.com/faq. To learn more about Pi Network’s mission, vision, and long-term strategy, please view the White Paper in the app or on our website: https://minepi.com/white-paper.
  • Pi App chat rooms have Chat Moderators who can help provide clarification on questions and troubleshooting guidance. Pi Chat Moderators will have a purple circled M in the upper right hand corner of their messages.
  • There are Community Wiki pages that are edited and maintained by the Pi Chat Moderator community and are not official statements of the Pi Core Team. Currently, the Community Wiki is in English, and translations into other languages offered by the Translation Task Force will be added in the future. Pi Chat Moderators will continually add more content to the Community Wiki over time. You can check out the Community Wiki here: pi.app/wiki
  • There is the Pi Network Support Portal, where you can enter keywords into the search bar, which will then suggest Community Wiki pages for you to read or Email Request form. Please read the relevant Community Wiki on this issue before submitting an email request. From the Support Portal, you will be able to select the category of your question, which will allow you to send us an Email Request. On the Email Request page, there are different Request Forms for different issues, so that the appropriate information can be collected about the specific issue based on the category or topic. The Support Portal and Community Wiki are intended to help Pioneers troubleshoot and resolve an issue on their own before starting an Email Request. The purpose of our Email Request system is for Pioneers to report bugs and to troubleshoot bug issues with the app or your Pi account that are not covered by the Community Wiki. Check out the Support Portal here: pi.app/support

Pi Network Support Team

So after that I got nothing, for a response afterwards as if there is no customer support what so ever or maybe even a sign the project might go scam. Now I contacted them again in August on the 22nd and still no response. So with this said I have been going into the app to disable the ads every two weeks recently as with the lack of support from core team of the project. Now I am still mining but my only referral who is my cousin out of state so I haven’t had a chance to talk with him about it as I have been busy and what not. Plus his account was a hacked on another platform which seem to made him probably stop his use with app. Now I’m also announcing the start of another project I’m working on to help those recover or are affected by scammers and those who do bad things with peoples data. And starting from today 1% of our monthly donations /support access income will be going to help fund this project. Now I will be looking further into Pi Network and maybe even contact the school where the core team says they are from here in the United States. Those that don’t know the core team claims to be from Stanford University here in the United States. Now there other reviews out there with where users have complained of lack of support. See some of the reviews here:  https://www.trustpilot.com/review/minepi.com?stars=1 Still it could be something but customer support is kind of a important. Plus there is a lot of lack of transparency with the project as well. But either way we don’t feed you any bullshit here at Thoughts Of Everything and all staff bring the real testing shit, So I will say trustpilot review can’t be completely trusted as it has been known that business can pay to have bad reviews removed So FYI Trustpilot is not so trust worthy But the minepi profile hasn’t been claimed But you can see all the good reviews are really not reviews more or less people spamming there referral link. In fact a bad review I had wrote about a scammy PTC/GPT company a while bad was removed now that I had a look. Don’t worry guys I will be bring this situation soon I just have to look into how to do something legally to all parties involved in the bad review removal.

Anyways, so back on the topic of Pi Network we will be testing this project until the end and with what I had stated earlier about the create a organization to help those recover and possible get those who are held accountable. This is one of the biggest reason I started really blogging about making money online or working from home as I want to help those make extra money and also help them stay away from them, while being the helpfullest upline I can possible be. Now if you would like to test Pi Network with me click here: https://minepi.com/rukun1028

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Thanks for reading. 

By Ru-Kun

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