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41st Payout Cryptotab Mining By Ru-Kun

Hello everyone and how are you awesome readers/visitors doing today? I hope you are all doing well. I’m doing ok just been having to doing web server moving more then once as had to deal with a bunch of fucking stupid issues that just could seem to be solved. I @ru-kun will discuss this whole thing in another blog post a bit later as I’m feeling like I have to play catch up. Plus just got sick on Sunday so I have been able to do a thing on anything involving my websites. Anyways, let’s get back to the topic and discuss my 41st payment from Cryptotab mining pool using the cloud miners on phone and sometimes my PC’s hashrate.

Cryptotab is a mining that mines Monero or $XMR and pays you in Bitcoin for your mining. They have multiple apps or miners that make mining crypto easy with little knowledge to setup. It’s makes it easy to mine with your desktop computer. They have an internet browser that mines XMR while your browse the internet. This is the miner you can use to mine with your computer for free though I would not recommend mining with your laptop though you can do mine with one. It’s just gets hot easier so it’s not a worker that should be ran 24 hours. I would only mine when I’m using the device. I normally use my desktop computer, run both Cryptotab Browser‘s Pro and Max versions on my Android mobile device. My pro mobile app worker also as 2x times extra hashrate on top of pro app hashrate. I don’t mine with my desktop 24 hours either. Just sometimes when I’m not using it, or mining other cryptos on other pools. 

@Ru-Kun’s 41st Payment Proof

Ru-Kun 41st payment From Cryptotab 0.00004038 BTC
Ru-Kun 41st payment From Cryptotab

This payment was sent to my Coinbase trading account and was for 0.00004038 BTC. This payment was sent faster then my previous last two payments. *Thumbs Up* Now, I’m not going into too much detail as I have wrote blog post about this program for while. You can check out all the articles/blog post wrote about it here:, sorry I just got a lot of website work to get done including finishing up a bunch of articles.

Cryptotab is in the Thoughts Of Everything legit list and currently being test for the Elite earning program list. You can check our disclaimer here about how we test such program: Thought of Everything Earning Program testing disclaimer. I reward my active referrals who sign up as my downline. Must be a new user to sign up. If you not a new user please feel free to share in this post’s comment section of your experience good or bad. But if you want to sign up on this legit mining pool with one of the available apps click one of my link below for either the browser or Cryptotab farm. All use the same account so if you sign up on one you can use them all with some login info.

Join Crypto

Cryptotab Browser:

Cryptotab Farm:

Thanks for reading

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Making That Extra Money Programs I'm Testing

Pi Network Updates 2022-2023, KYC And Much More With Ru-Kun

Hello everyone our there and how are you all doing? Let me know in the comments section. I hope you all doing ok. Welcome to another blog post about cryptocurrencies and crypto mining. This post is about Pi Network ( which at the time and date of this post ca not be bought or sold yet. What I mean is Pi Network is not yet a cryptocurrency and not available to public unless you sign up/download the mining app.

Normally, we don’t post blog posts about unverified projects such as this for everyone. These post are normally for members only. But from something link this I think it will be ok. With this all being said I ADVISE you that at the time/date of this post, Pi Network is NOT a verified project and could end up being nothing/scam. BE AWARE OF THIS RISK. Let us do the testing for you. But if you do sign up you cans hare you experience with us as well.

Pi Network is a yet to be launched cryptocurrency that can be mined with your mobile device. It’s not a new concept but it one that spawned a lot of projects just like it. I @ru-kun have been testing this project for a while and have wrote other posts for Thoughts Of Everything which you can check out the Pi Network tag here: You will see this post in there as well. I will be sharing my entire experience with this project with you all.

The Ongoing Issues/KYC

So recently, well about the middle of last year 2022 KYC (know your customer) for Pi Network. I had a slot available and applied. First time I was denied. I believe it was because for whatever reason my name in my profile was using my Facebook name rather then my name since my Facebook account is linked/verified with my Pi Network user profile. In fact it uses my online username and musician name Ru-Kun Rutakus @ru-kun, basically my creative name/pen name. Now I have submitted a fix before all this which maybe hasn’t been fixed. 

I had submitted for second KYC and in Pi Browser is was stuck half way. Now doesn’t load at all, gives

“This page could not be loaded”

error. The KYC in my account profile in the mining app has a the loading circle the keeps going. Now I not sure what to think about this project. But at the moment I still turn on my mining every 24 hours most of the time. I have yet to set up an Node but I not sure if I will at this time until I see more movement on my KYC. Have you completed KYC for Pi Network or any other experiences you would like to share? Please comment on this post. If you would still link to test with me click my referral link here:

Thank For Reading and Stay tuned in for more by creating a user account. 

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs

Heck Ya, My 3rd Payment From NiceHash Mining Pool

Hello you all @ru-kun here with another post about making money at home or online. How are you guys doing right now? I hope you guys are doing ok. Here in this Thoughts Of Everything earn money post we will be taking a look at NiceHash mining pool. This is a cryptocurrency mining pools where you use you own device’s hash power.

NiceHash has some software that can be used on your desktop computer is you got a pretty good CPU and graphics card which is what I been using to mine with this pool. Actually it’s on the desktop computer I’m typing this post on. Though it’s not running right now. They also have a Nicehash OS built off Linux for mining farms.

Now for my 3rd payout I got 0.00049819 BTC after the mining fee sent to my Coinbase trading account. The mining fee was  0.00001000 BTC so total request was 0.00050819 BTC. You can see my payment proof screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's 3rd payment proof From NiceHash
Ru-Kun’s 3rd payment proof From NiceHash

You can check out this transaction on the blockchain here: So with this above I would like to say that the NiceHash Mining Pool is now listed as legit and no longer in the Thoughts Of Everything testing list and blog category. If you would like to join and using your hash power to mine crypto and be paid in Bitcoin(BTC) click my affiliate link here:

Thank you for reading/clicking my links.  

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

29th BTC Payout From Cryptotab

Hello everyone and how in the world are you all doing today? I hope you guys are doing well. I @ru-kun am doing ok. The weather changes in my area has been making my pain levels a little extra sometimes a lot extra.  Now what we are going to talk about here is I just got my 29th BTC (Bitcoin) payout from Cryptotab browser/app/mining pool. This is a mining pool that mines cryptocurrencies and pays you in Bitcoin (BTC).

Cryptotab browser is a Google Chrome clone that comes with a crypto miner for PC. The mobile apps/browsers have a cloud miner with 3 hour timer. This means its going to have to be turned on every 3 hours. There are 3 type of browsers with cloud miners. Lite version which is the free version with the lowest hash rate. Pro, a version that I believe you only have to pay for once which is the one I use. then there is a Max version that has a subscription for use and can be ran with the Pro version at the same time. Can’t verify if Lite can be ran at the same time though. But I sure it works that way. There is also a Cryptotab Farm app but I have really use it yet.

Payment Proof

The payment has been sent to my account on the Coinbase trading platform. The payment is for 0.00002174 BTC which I’m holding on to. The transaction can be seen on the blockchain here: Here is my payment proof screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's 29th Cryptotab Payment Proof
Ru-Kun’s 29th Cryptotab Payment Proof

I have been requesting payouts once a week for most of this year. The testing phase of this program is almost done. It fact, This project will be on my best earning work from home list 2022 I @ru-kun plan on writing at the end of this year. If you would like to join this project I do reward my active referrals who are in contact with me. Best join the Thoughts Of Everything website for that. Now, if you want to join Cryptotab click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading/visiting this post.

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

25 Payments From Cryptotab Thus Far, Ru-Kun’s 25th Cryptotab Browser Payment Proof

Hello everyone and how are you great visitors of Thoughts Of Everything doing? I hope you guys are all doing well and being safe. Welcome to another Cryptotab Browser payment proof blog post. I have been posting about them a lot with me requesting payout every week. For those of you that don’t know what Cryptotab Browser is. It is an internet browser you can mine cryptocurrencies with. Your then paid in Bitcoin once at minimum payout. Minimum payout is 0.00001 BTC.

I @ru-kun have been testing this mining pool for a good while. Mainly the browser side as there is a recently a new Cryptotab Farm app that allow you to have more and manage more then one worker. You can use your PC on the farm and purchase workers from Cryptotab Farm. I haven’t tested it yet but earnings are together for both apps/programs. My 25th payout is for 0.00001677 BTC, which was paid to my Coinbase Trading account. See my payment proof below:

Ru-Kun's 25th Cryptotab Payout
Ru-Kun’s 25th Cryptotab Payout

I’m still testing this program but I will say at the end of the year the app will be on my best of 2022 earnings programs. Testing will also be over and listed as legit by Thoughts of Everything standards. You can see the transaction for my above payment on the blockchain here: If you want to join this program you can click my referral link here, remember I reward my active referrals:

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

The 24th Payout From Cryptotab Received By Ru-Kun

Hello everyone and how are you all doing out there? I hope you people are doing alright out there. I’m doing ok, in a bit of pain today. Making it hard to get things done. But I’m managing. My pain levels have been a bit high lately due to the weather changes. Anyways, let’s get on with this 24th payout that I got from the Cryptotab mining pool. 

For those of you reading this for the first time Crypotab is a kind of mining pool either with your own computer or using their mobile browsers (lite or Pro and Max versions). Basically, the project is a crypto mining pool that will pay you in Bitcoin (BTC). You can read more about what has been posted by us on Thoughts Of Everything with this link:

Now for my 24th payout I got 0.00001681 BTC to my Coinbase (“COIN” investment stock code) trading account wallet. I am already close my 25th payment at the time of this writing. Cryptotab Browser is running at half speed while I write this article in Brave Browser. You can see my payment proof here: 

Ru-Kun's 24th Cryptotab payout
Ru-Kun’s 24th Cryptotab payout

You can see the entire blockchain transaction here:

Now I would like to thank you all for reading and visiting this site. If you would like to join Crypotab just click my link here: and please note I reward my active referral and what not if you are in my downline. Again join my referral link for Cryptotab to ensure you in my downline click here:

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Investing Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

I just got my 22nd Payment From Cryptotab Browser/Mining Pool

Why hello all you awesome people out there in the land of the internet. How are you all doing out there?  You all better being doing well. Jokes, LOL I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing ok myself. Just in a bit of pain on the level of extra with smoke in the air from the wildfires around my area. Or being that I worked for 10 hours last night from 6pm to 4:30 am at Amazon (investment stock code AMZN). I got to do it all over again tonight. Remember guys, I’m a broken ninja i.e. disabled with spine and back problems from a bad car accident. I probably have more issues with my joints and such but I haven’t looked into to it.

It’s time to get back on track of this topic of this blog post. For those of you who follow us you now know that I @ru-kun had got my 22nd from Cryptotab Browser/Mining Pool. For those of you that don’t know Cryptotab is a crypto mining pool that mines Monero from my understanding. Then pays you in Bitcoin (BTC). Mining Monero (XMR) is done with both CPU and GPU no need for ASIC mining machines.

Now, I’m not going to go into to much detail as if you guys have questions or need help you can ask us in the comments section.  But I will say that by the end of this year Cryptotab Browser will most likely be label as legit. No more testing phase. I plan on building a computer to run on the farm 24 hours next year.

Now again this is the 22nd payment I have got from the mining pool which was send to my Coinbase Trading account. You can see my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun's 22nd Cryptotab payment
Ru-Kun’s 22nd Cryptotab payment

You can see the transaction on the blockchain here:

Now as I kind stated earlier. Cryptotab is still under the Thoughts Of Everything media testing phase for earning programs/apps. At least at the time of this post, maybe your readying it after its has been labeled as legit. Either way I @ru-kun will reward my active referrals who join under me. Earn extra downline from ads or activity crypto/cash bonuses. You must click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading and/or clicking any links I posted. 

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

Ru-kun’s 21st Payment From Cryptotab (Thank you Cryptotab Crew!!)

Hello there you awesome visitors and welcome to the Thoughts Of Everything media website. I hope you all out there are doing well. My name is @Ru-Kun and I’m the owner/creator of this Thoughts Of Everything project/media site. Today, I’m not doing that good as I’m in a lot of pain, ended up having to call in to work today. Kind of sucks as my house hold need money but not much can be done. I would like to welcome you guys to another payment proof post for Cryptotab Browser/Mining Pool

First, I will go into a brief introduction to the project. Cryptotab Browser/mining pool is a mining pool that mine crypto, mainly mining a crypto called monero. But you are getting paid in Bitcoin because it’s more popular and supported in more exchanges across the world. Although, I’m not sure if the is the reason but I believe it could be since Cryptotab was launched some year back, Bitcoin is the most known.  

Now that you guys have a little bit on knowledge of the project. I’m glad to say that I have now reached my 21st payment from Cryptotab Browser. Now remember guys at the time of this post my earning are only part time, where I use my computer with the browser, Pro version on mobile and the Max version on that same mobile device. Now I cashed out last week believe as well so this payment is for 0.00001786 BTC about $0.34 USD at the time of the transaction. I’m HODLing all bitcoins from this project current working on creating my retirement hopefully. Now here is my payment proof on my Coinbase Trading account.

Ru-kun's 21st Cryptotab Payout
Ru-kun’s 21st Cryptotab Payout

Now you can see the transaction on the blockchain here: Now remember I am still testing this project. By the end of this year I should be able to say it’s legit. I would like to thank you for reading all the way through this post. I am currently rewarding my active referrals for this project best if you become a Thoughts Of Everything community for this. Add me as a friend as we have a buddy system. To join Cryptotab click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading.

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

Rukun’s 13th Payment From Cryptotab

Hi all you internet peoples and how are you all doing right now? I hope things are going well for you all out there or at least hanging in there. I’m doing ok myself though at time it does feel like I can thing done that I want to lately with my job give us a bunch of mandatory overtime. I’m work on changing this though.

So, I will be keeping this short and sweet as I have been posting about Cryptotab a lot lately since moving my trying to get paid once a week thing. So far it has been pretty consistent and fast like one of two days wait time. Now Cryptotab is a mining pool I’m still testing, but I want to be able to say it’s legit by the end of this year. But I am currently also rewarding referral who are really active. Now here is my 13th payment received and was done in about 1 to 2 days after requested right to my Coinbase trading platform account. See my screenshot here:

Rukun's 13th payment from Cryptotab
Rukun’s 13th payment from Cryptotab

Here is the blockchain for this transaction:

Now if you would like to join and start mining too, click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading 


cryptocurrencies Investing Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Processing Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

Got my 12th Payout This Week From Cryptotab

Hello everyone and how is it going today with ya all. Hopefully you are doing ok and being safe out there. I’m doing ok myself have to work a bunch of overtime this week at my other job like four 11 1/2 hour shifts. Not looking forward to it but as I working on getting a promotion/different position I don’t want to affect my chances of getting the new position.

Anyways, I Rukun am glad to say I had got my 12th payout from Cryptotab Browser. Like I said in my last blog post, I’m going to try and cash out every week if I’m at the Cryptotab’s minimum payout and so far I have been able to. Remember guys at the time of this post I’m not mining 24/7 so this is more or less part time earnings. Now for my payment proof screenshot, remember you can click the image to view the higher resolution. This payment was send to my coinbase account.

Ru-Kun's 12th payment from Cryptotab
Ru-Kun’s 12th payment from Cryptotab

Now here is the links for the public blockchain for my payment: Now I will say this isn’t the only mining pool I’m testing. Also this pool is still in the Thoughts Of everything testing phase. By the end of the year I will be able to say it is a legit mining pool. Now I do promote it myself and will reward active referrals already on the program so if you would like to join and test this mining pool with me then click this link: to join

Now don’t forget joining the Thoughts Of Everything website is the best way to stay in contact with me as your upline and get your activity rewards. If you like our contact please feel free to support us by getting supporter access which helps us stay online and keep doing this. Thank you very much for reading and/or clicking/joining any of my links in this content. 

cryptocurrencies Legit Money Making Sites/Apps/Programs Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs Programs I'm Testing

Noyce, 8 Payments Received From Cryptotab Browser

Hello everyone and how are you all doing right now? Hopefully well, I’m doing pretty good got to go back to work tomorrow for the work week. Well, anyways this post is not going to be that long but I will be sharing a payment proof from Cryptotab Browser and testing our part time mining for a week with just Cryptotab Browser to get an idea on about how much you can earn.

So I did this with two devices, on pc with about 2500 h and my mobile device with Cryptotab Browser Pro on Android with about 1500 h. So not super fast but I do get enough to have earned 8 payouts thus far. 0.00005593 Bitcoin satoshis on this 8th payout to my Coinbase (COIN stock code) account. You can see my payment proof below.

Rukun's 8th payout Cryptotab BrowserWhen the payout was requested, I also started the week of part time mining test took screenshots of before and after. You can see those below here:

Before And After Once payment was requested I just tested the mobile mining for a week while I was testing another mining pool on my desktop computer. You can see my screenshot here: So as you can see I already have a bit of earning and right now I’m only mining part time on the mining almost. Now I’m still testing this mining pool but it’s close to be labeled as legitimate earning program. But I still will say you can earn off and I will reward my active referrals as well. So if you want to join Cryptotab Browser click this link here:

Thanks for reading and clicking any of my sponsored links in this post 

crypto mining cryptocurrencies Making That Extra Money Payment Proofs

Guess What?, I Got My 1st Payout From Nicehash

Hello everyone and how are you guys doing tonight as I’m writing this post in the evening on my time zone. Hopefully you guys are doing well and being safe out there. I’m doing pretty good here at the end of being sick and will hopefully be feeling better as I have to work tomorrow. Sucks, that I spent my days off sick.

Anyways, for those of you that don’t know I’m currently testing out 3 different cryptocurrency mining software. One I have been talking about a lot and have been paid multiple times. The other one not so much active. Now this one called Nicehash, I have received my first payment recently. Though, I have been slacking off on getting this post written about it as I received the payment back in December you can see my Coinbase screenshot of my Nicehash first payment.

Rukun's 1st payment NicehashSo as you can see the payout is pretty high as the minimum that can be requested is 0.0005 Satoshi which my payout was only slightly above the minimum. So with this being said you can also buy hash power to add to your rate form the market place which I might do in the future. So this crypto mining app is in my testing list I have signed up for their referral program where I get revenue share from hash power market place purchases. Now I will keep you guys posted and up to date on the latest on Nicehash including each time I get a payment. Now you would like tom test and mine too. Just click my referral link here: 

Thanks for reading and/or clicking joining my above link(s). Don’t forget to join our website so you can share your experiences with us.

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Pi Networks Updates, Got An Support Answer, Mainnet, What’s Next?

Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you guys are doing well. And with everything that has gone thus far I hope you guys are hanging in there. Now I know I haven’t really updated you guys on Pi Network, but we will here in this post.

So if you guys remember my last post about an issue with my name on my Pi Network account and was not able to fix it which in turn would cause issue with me being able to KYC (know your customer) a form of identity verification. Meaning I could possibly lose all my Pi which I have been mining or getting Air drops of tokens since the project started would be gone. But so far the project looks like it will be a success even though at this moment it seem like things are taking a long time. 

So, in my last post about Pi Network I was discussing the lack of support from the project in where I need to fix my name on my account because I believe that when I signed up I used my Facebook account which has my online username/handle. I didn’t get an answer for quite sometime.  Recently at the end of November I had finally got an answer in a mass email from the Pi Network support ticket system. Nice to get an answer regardless on how long it took. Reason, I’m a little more understanding I sometimes don’t get things done right away either but I do my best to though. You can read the answer I got in the below quoted text from my support ticket email:

Lisa from Pi Network commented:

This is a mass email because you previously submitted a form through the Support Portal and checked the “Change Name” box. We apologize that we cannot address individual issues.

Changes to your account cannot be made via email, since we have no means to securely verify the request is coming from the genuine account holder.

We recognize that genuine Pioneers may have either made typos when first inputting their Pi account name or missed the 2-week name update window. Therefore, we are allowing Pioneers to appeal for an opportunity to make a correction to your name information and explain the reason for the appeal. However, name update appeals will only accept changes like minor changes to spelling, switching first name and last names, adding a middle name, adding a prefix/suffix or aligning it with the name displayed on your identity document.

A complete name change that has no resemblance to the current name and suggests two completely different people will be rejected.

Please note that appeals will take time to process, and they will be processed as a later part of our overall KYC process. The appeal feature will be available for the next few months. We appreciate your patience.

Here’s how to submit an appeal:
1. From the Pi home screen, tap on the ≡ icon in the upper left corner to open up the Pi sidebar menu.
2. Tap on “Profile.”
3. Below “Settings,” click the orange “See How” button next to “ask to change your name.”
4. Review your current inputted name and then tap “Appeal Name Change” in the bottom right corner.
5. From here, follow the in-app instructions. Please note the name on the ID has to match one of the two names, either in English or in the native language.

Note that if your name information is already correct, this information does not apply to you. Please do not submit an appeal. Thank you.

· Turn off this request’s notifications

Now I have done just that above to hopefully fix my issue and have submitted a name appeal to fix my actual name. I think this might have been a issue for a lot of people just to have the feature added to the Pi Network mobile app account area. This means if you have this same issue. The above is kind of the way you can fix your name as well because any issues can mess up you being able to KYC once and if Pi Network hits mainnet which as long as I have been following the project I believe it will become a cryptocurrency/blockchain powered token soon. 

Now with this being said I Rukun will follow all the way through with this project like I do for all things I test and in fact all staff who write about this subjects are going to be required to do the same thing as we don’t want to feed you any bullshit. Now like I said I have got an answer and submitted the fix for my name issue. Doesn’t means all issues are being solved right away. At the time of this post Pi Network app on Android, i.e Google Playstore has been from what I found to be temporary removed. You can read more about it here: So you can still download if from the main site and it will be back accord the link above. Now I still plan on running a node for the network. Just got to finish building some devices and what not. Here is a the possible current price or value of the token but still yet to be determined as still need to hit mainnet you see more here: Also you can see and read more about what has been written about Pi Network by clicking/following Pi Network tag on Thoughts Of Everything here:

Now if you would to get involved and test this project with me you can download from here: or from the app store for your device and because you will need a referral code use mine and I will reward you for your activity with advertising and what not. Now just enter “rukun1028” for your referral code.

Thanks for reading and I will post more updates as they become available. Remember if you like what we do here. You can support us and keep us going visit here: and if your using Brave Browser you can tip our site with BAT tokens, then contact us after words with transaction info for supporter membership. Thank you. 

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Pi Network Updates September 2021, Lack Of Support From The Project Creators

Hello everyone and how is it going today? Hopefully you guys are doing well and hanging in there, being safe and what not. Covid is still being a pain in the ass but I got my vaccine and hope you guys are doing so to be safe as well. Stop it before it get the room to mutate into some bad bad. Remember viruses don’t need a human host to live, mutate and survive. But anyways let’s get back on the subject at hand. 

So for those who have been following our site know a little bit of what I had found about the Pi Network project that I have been researching and testing. For those that don’t know Pi Network is a project that technically allows you to mine a new to be launched cryptocurrency called $Pi. Now I have been testing and looking into that project for quite a while and for the most part this seems to be a legit project but I will still warn you guys this project could become a scam which a lot of people have already be losing interest. So much so that another project has been created called Bee which you called download here: and use my refer code “rukun1028” and test with me. Also found this one called TimeStope, join here: But again these are not yet a crypto and also could be scams as well. But now I don’t have as much research on those projects just yet but I will be working on some blog/article posts for those projects soon.  But anyways, I have been running across my own little irritation with the Pi Network as I have been having to get customer support for a while to fix my profile so I don’t have issues with KYC since I verified or sign up using my Facebook account and it has my Facebook name instead of my birthname. Well it has my username I have for my Thoughts Of Everything username as well. But anyways I have been trying to contact them to get this issue fixed soon as I was working on running a node and plan on accept Pi for purchasing products and services for my business. Have even tried getting support in the Pi Network app to get a thumbs down from some user for asking for support on my issue which is a big issue considering I have been mining on the project since almost the beginning.

But recently in the summer that launched a kind of support ticket which I decided to use since all they had for the longest time was a website contact form. So I used it and contact them on July 11, 2021 and got this response in the quoted text below.

Due to high ticket volume, we will prioritize responding to constructive proposals and to critical issues that cannot be addressed by the FAQ, Community Wiki, or Pi Chat Moderators. The Core Team welcomes your meaningful questions and feedback, and even if you may not receive a response, your messages are monitored by Pi Core Team members.

Please remember that there are various places to seek support in Pi Network:

  • If you have questions about Pi Network, for example, how to earn Pi, or how the Pi App works, is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) inside the app or on our website: To learn more about Pi Network’s mission, vision, and long-term strategy, please view the White Paper in the app or on our website:
  • Pi App chat rooms have Chat Moderators who can help provide clarification on questions and troubleshooting guidance. Pi Chat Moderators will have a purple circled M in the upper right hand corner of their messages.
  • There are Community Wiki pages that are edited and maintained by the Pi Chat Moderator community and are not official statements of the Pi Core Team. Currently, the Community Wiki is in English, and translations into other languages offered by the Translation Task Force will be added in the future. Pi Chat Moderators will continually add more content to the Community Wiki over time. You can check out the Community Wiki here:
  • There is the Pi Network Support Portal, where you can enter keywords into the search bar, which will then suggest Community Wiki pages for you to read or Email Request form. Please read the relevant Community Wiki on this issue before submitting an email request. From the Support Portal, you will be able to select the category of your question, which will allow you to send us an Email Request. On the Email Request page, there are different Request Forms for different issues, so that the appropriate information can be collected about the specific issue based on the category or topic. The Support Portal and Community Wiki are intended to help Pioneers troubleshoot and resolve an issue on their own before starting an Email Request. The purpose of our Email Request system is for Pioneers to report bugs and to troubleshoot bug issues with the app or your Pi account that are not covered by the Community Wiki. Check out the Support Portal here:

Pi Network Support Team

So after that I got nothing, for a response afterwards as if there is no customer support what so ever or maybe even a sign the project might go scam. Now I contacted them again in August on the 22nd and still no response. So with this said I have been going into the app to disable the ads every two weeks recently as with the lack of support from core team of the project. Now I am still mining but my only referral who is my cousin out of state so I haven’t had a chance to talk with him about it as I have been busy and what not. Plus his account was a hacked on another platform which seem to made him probably stop his use with app. Now I’m also announcing the start of another project I’m working on to help those recover or are affected by scammers and those who do bad things with peoples data. And starting from today 1% of our monthly donations /support access income will be going to help fund this project. Now I will be looking further into Pi Network and maybe even contact the school where the core team says they are from here in the United States. Those that don’t know the core team claims to be from Stanford University here in the United States. Now there other reviews out there with where users have complained of lack of support. See some of the reviews here: Still it could be something but customer support is kind of a important. Plus there is a lot of lack of transparency with the project as well. But either way we don’t feed you any bullshit here at Thoughts Of Everything and all staff bring the real testing shit, So I will say trustpilot review can’t be completely trusted as it has been known that business can pay to have bad reviews removed So FYI Trustpilot is not so trust worthy But the minepi profile hasn’t been claimed But you can see all the good reviews are really not reviews more or less people spamming there referral link. In fact a bad review I had wrote about a scammy PTC/GPT company a while bad was removed now that I had a look. Don’t worry guys I will be bring this situation soon I just have to look into how to do something legally to all parties involved in the bad review removal.

Anyways, so back on the topic of Pi Network we will be testing this project until the end and with what I had stated earlier about the create a organization to help those recover and possible get those who are held accountable. This is one of the biggest reason I started really blogging about making money online or working from home as I want to help those make extra money and also help them stay away from them, while being the helpfullest upline I can possible be. Now if you would like to test Pi Network with me click here:

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