In this post I will discuss there various tips and suggestions that pertain to earning on the Internet through PTC & GPT sites. I will start out with briefly talking about the things you need to get started, how to gain referrals, promoting your referral links, click ads, reading ads, what cheat cheats are and the various other type of things which prevent cheating. I will also discuss how to complete paid to sign-up offers. Or how to avoid being scammed or thing to watch out for.
So in order to get started with earning on the Internet there are a couple of thing you need to have or should have to get started. The first thing is a payment processor(s). The reason being that most site pay you your earning through these. Plus if you would like to make any purchases like advertisements or buying referrals and upgrading your account to earn more. You can take a look at my little list of payment processor that I’m currently using in this post: Payment Processors Another little tip is that some payment processors actually have referral programs as well where you can earning some money for referring people to using that processor, which can be done via your referral. I know that paypal and Alertpay have referral programs.
Now once you got a payment processor or two now it’s time to look around for some sites to join. First there are somethings you should look for before deciding to to join up with one of these earning sites. One of the first thing your should do is read through any FAQs and the terms of services. This will help with answering any questions that may arise. Plus the terms of services (TOS) have important information you need to know and if you can’t agree with that site’s terms you should not even bother joining because a violation of those terms may result in your account being banned and losing all your earnings/referrals. But it’s also a good idea to know that terms, just in case so “accidentally” violate those terms. It can and has happened to people that didn’t know they broke a rule. The next thing you may want to do is look around and browser through that site, one to learn the how to navigate around two to check out the over all site design. Why does site design matter? It does matter at least in my opinion. This is because if the webmaster/administrator of that site has put a lot of work into that site or updates frequently, then it is possible that the site is planning on being around for awhile. This is it for this post at the moment. If you would like to check out a few of these site please feel free to review Site awaiting to be paid list or Paying sites list
More tips soon to come. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions ~~Mr.Ruste

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