Hello there everyone and how is it going today? Hopefully well. I’m not doing too bad, glad it is my day off work busting my ass at Amazon getting off at 4:30am PST this morning. I’m still pretty tired as I have been working a bunch of mandatory overtime. This week no overtime thankfully, now let get to the subject at hand about this payment from a mining pool while you all join me on the journey to bring you the legit and scam investigations on making money online and passive or semi-passive income. 

So for those of you that don’t know what Nicehash is, it is basically a crypto mining pool where you can easily mine crypto and be paid in Bitcoin. The software choices the most profitable coin to mine based on your computer’s specs. Mining pools can be sometime a better option for mining crypto for those that don’t have the fund to make it profitable in that it can take months to find your first block on the blockchain to confirm even. Nicehash and it’s available PC software making it easy to set up you home PC and a passive income machine if you got ok spec and a deceit graphic card and CPU. Minimum payout to request to your Bitcoin wallet outside Nicehash is 0.0005 BTC. Now below is my second payout to my Coinbase account. 0.00050377 BTC was requested and got 0.00049877 BTC after mining fee. See below.

Ru-kun's 2nd Payout from Nicehash
Ru-kun’s 2nd Payout from Nicehash

Now you can also see the transaction here on the blockchain: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/be033968adbc6dbed84de64fb7f7a67255bfef6011117be97ef79345ad1aa71f. Now I will say that I am testing this project and I will be verifying it by next year which I will stated at the time of this post will be less testing time due to the factor Nicehash is a registered company in British Virgin Islands see that information I have gathered/verified with the info provide by the company about us page: https://www.datocapital.vg/companies/Nicehash-Ltd.html#details. With this being said I will be rewarding users it they are actively making more then one purchases in the hashpower marketplace as I earn only commissions from sales. I don’t earn from mining activity on this pool like I do on some of the other crypto mining pools I have tested. Now if you want to join regardless, click my affiliate link here: https://www.nicehash.com/?refby=aedf091d-32be-463e-8ec2-1b2d0c6109c6

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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