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Hellos all you awesome internet people of the world. How are you all doing today? I hope you all out there are doing well. I’m doing ok hanging in there and it’s super cold where I live if you did not view this post from our local area. Sorry, I have been slacking on writing posts on the site lately just been super busy trying to get something around the home office cleaned up and work on some of my other websites. The following blog post is my favorite type of blog post I like writing. I am even writing this shit in my Flying Squirrel depression suit LOL.

I will be talking about my 1st Buxsurveys payout and a little bit about the website background or how to use the website. The first thing I will say is I am a member of another website with the same style run by this admin and had been paid once on the other site. That website is called ClixtoYou and you can see my blog post about my first payment here: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/wooot-my-first-payment-from-clixtoyou-gpt-ptc/. That payment is back when they had Airtm, they currently don’t have Airtm available I believe. Right now Bitcoin, Litecoin, Payeer, Faucetpay, and Perfect Money are available payment options.

Buxsurveys is a get-paid-to website. They offer paid-to-click, grid clicks, paid-to-promote, paid-to-sign-up, and a bunch of different offers/survey walls to earn money from. There is even a game to earn cash from called Heads or Tails, you get what that game is about. This site is also a spot one can advertise on which is where most of the website’s income comes from. I have not tested out the advertising for this website yet as I’m still testing the program out.

As I had stated above this project is still on my testing list and the only 2 more payments for the website to be moved to the paying list. I will say that my first payout took a long time. Over 30 days, but I also think this is why that admin never took out of my cash points balance for this payout as the site uses cash-out points to be able to cash out.

Ru-kun1st Buxsurveys Payout

Ru-Kun's 1st Buxsurveys payout
Ru-Kun’s 1st Buxsurveys payout

As this website is on my testing list I will not be rewarding my active referrals for their activity at the date/time of this post. But if you still want to test the project out with me and be ready for when I can start rewarding my downline for their activity. You can click and join under me on my affiliate link here: https://www.buxsurveys.com/?ref=MrRuste

Thank you for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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