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Hello, all you awesome readers and website visitors. Welcome to our website and another one of my favorite types of posts to blog about. Payment proof blog posts that is. Sorry that I have been slacking on posting this article. I have been a bit busy and I have a post I had to write before this. Also, I have been having some depression that has been making things hard to do lately. I have been pushing through. Depression is a motherfucker. Sorry, not sorry. I have a sailor’s mouth sometimes. Anyways, back on the topic of what I’m writing this post about. 82nd Brave Rewards Payment baby ya!

Brave rewards is a feature part of the Brave Browser internet browser. Brave Browser is also part of a cryptocurrency/utility token project called Basic Attention Token, BAT for short. You can take a look all all our previous articles written on our website here: in case I forget any usage tips or information about the project. Brave Browser is an internet browser built off of Google Chrome internet browser’s code base. It comes default with an ad blocker, and better security the Firefox default installs. You can install most Chrome extensions/addons.

Brave Rewards is a program where you can earn Basic Attention Tokens for allowing Brave Browser to display “privacy-respecting” ads to you in your Desktop PC or mobile device notification area. You get paid once a month for your monthly earnings, usually around the beginning of the month. You will need a custodial account with a wallet to get your earnings. Brave Rewards currently supports Uphold, Gemini, or bitFlyer accounts.

I use Uphold and if you don’t have an account you can get one here:, and if you buy about $250 worth of crypto in a given amount of time we both get $20 extra dollars worth of Bitcoin. I am not sure about the other custodial accounts/wallets as I have already enough accounts to keep track of at the moment. But it is super easy to link your account to Brave Rewards. First, you have to download Brave and turn on Brave rewards by clicking on the image on your browser address bar that looks like the one below.


You can also turn on Brave Rewards through the browser settings there. Once you have it turned on and linked to your custodial account of choice you will start earning BAT.

In addition to the Brave rewards program, there is also a Brave publisher program. If you have a YouTube channel, Twitch channel, Twitter profile, Reddit account, or website, you can become a Brave publisher. if you become a publisher you can get BAT from your users via the user sending you a when visiting your content in Brave Browser by click the same icon above in the image then click “send contribution”. We here at Thoughts Of Everything are a Brave Publisher and you can send us tips to get additional features on throughout our networks. All income sources are split among all staff atfer our running cost per month.

Well, enough of that let get to the payment proof as I need to start wrapping up this article. The payment proof below is is for my Decemeber 2023 earnings.

Ru-Kun’s 82nd Brave Rewards Payment

Ru-Kun's 82nd Brave Rewards Payment
Ru-Kun’s 82nd Brave Rewards Payment

My above earnings in the payment proof are from my usage of two active devices. I do have Brave installed on more then two devices but I don’t use those ones as much. The devices my earnings are from an Android mobile device and a Windows computer which I’m currently writing the blog post on. Now, I am going to end this post. if you want to download Brave Browser click here:

Thanks for reading. Remember if you like our content feel free to tip us using Brave. If you dont have Brave you can tip us other ways read here:

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