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Hello everyone and good morning as that is the time I am writing this blog post, hope you all are doing well. I’m doing ok, extra pain today which fucking sucks. But I have to push through as I have to work today and go in early, 10 hour day today TT. What I’m going to be blogging about here is I got my 44th Cryptotab Browser payment.

Cryptotab Browser is an internet browser that allows you to mine cryptocurrencies and be paid in Bitcoin. There is a desktop PC version and a mobile version. The PC version uses your CPU hash rate and mines XMR (Monero). The mobile version is a cloud miner and the hash rate depends on the version you are using. Now, because we have a shit ton of Cryptotab articles you can read through and check out all we have for tips and such here on our website tag:

This payment is for a good amount but I had some more payment issues like I did on my 43th payout, I will go into more detail below.

Ru-Kun’s 44th Cryptotab Browser Payment.

Ru-Kun's 44th Cryptotab Browser payment
Ru-Kun’s 44th Cryptotab Browser payment

The amount I was paid is 0.00007709 BTC. As for the issue, I cancelled my payout and requested it again as it took over a month with no action on my payout. You can see my previous payout issue here: That article date is when Cryptotab was place on the watched list. The project is still on our legit paying list but because of the issues last time and payouts seem to be getting slower. Also I wanted to say I had lost my pro version after I had cancelled my increased hash rate subscription now the pro version is subscription which I didn’t have to pay a subscription fee for the pro version hash rate. It kind of make me irritated. So now I only have the lite version and it only has 300 hash rate. Also they has start to favor a wallet called NC wallet, which I can’t verify that legitimacy of. I was paid to my Coinbase trading account in the above payment.

Anyways, I will still reward my downline and I’m looking for any of you who have any issues to share we us and what now or payment proofs of your own. If you want to make sure you are in my downline click my affiliate link here to join Cryptotab Browser:

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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