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So I will start by going in to when I first attempted to post this article. I will say that when I would have never thought of this if I was new to earning money online, mainly on Paid-to-Click web sites. I had to go through being scammed a lot before having somewhat of a way to protect myself and attempt to make sure the parties involved don’t get away with it. Even after I did what I could the evidence I gathered and posted was almost erased. Well actually my original post where I first posted about Azobux and was testing the site and that is where I first had listed it. Then when the admin suspended my account for introducing myself as well as talking about most PTC site being hard to trust and what not. In my opinion, its possible the admin suspended my account do to being offended by something in my post which it was not my intent but maybe the admin is planning on scamming people. With how I have been a clicking or person that does Microtasks or Microjobs, most honest businesses don’t need a reason to hide who owns a domain name for a web site. At the time I was first posted this The Azobux owner had two other websites where your paid for micro tasks and now are closed. The fact that I was going to leave this one alone has changed do to the fact that scams ruin it for us honest administrators and business owners. I also wanted to point out that when I first came across Azobux they had post by their copyright stuff that they were a registered LLC in Canada and when I start researching the business after my account was suspended I couldn’t find any legal information about this business registration without paying which for it. Current business registration is public information. Either they no longer a registered business or they never were and ere just lying on there web site to scam users.  I also emailed the admin twice with no response. I’ll provides those below.

So at this time here is the following download links for the evidence I have gathered thus far. All downloads are password protected and here is the password for all these files: scamazobuxdsbh*..7

You must enter the password to download.

Azobux dot net domain registration hidden PDF file: https://files.secureserver.net/0skQ55kIkZeEeq

Clickdz dot com domain registration hidden PDF file (Now closed): https://files.secureserver.net/0sr1Xepabq3cak

Dotasksonline dot com domain registration hidden PDF file (Now closed): https://files.secureserver.net/0siEGskoNn8ME6

Business registration Canada number gone after I pointed out I couldn’t find any information about them, still saying they had an LLC (SCREENSHOT): https://files.secureserver.net/0sGDOIzVE63bqq

My facebook comment before it was deleted from the web site after my account was suspended (SCREENSHOT): https://files.secureserver.net/0shAlJsTnqDPrY

The admin keeps having to complain about Cheaters saying shit about his/her site. If all people suspend were cheater that would make me a cheat. Which I’m not, and I’m also an advertiser too. I’m an active member too. I do my best to promote honest sites. Below is a screenhot and PDF file for how much thus far the admin keeps saying cheaters are saying bad things.

Screenshot: https://files.secureserver.net/0sBxZzAcacwivO

PDF file: https://files.secureserver.net/0s1mRDMv8V1jSM

So like I stated earlier in the post I also had email the admin twice. Below are my quoted texts with time stamps. If need I can make a PDF file of the email but I not going to do it right now.

First Email:

to: admin@azobux.net
date: Jul 13, 2018, 6:35 AM
subject: Why did you you suspend my account?? I’m honest and you won’t get away it, test me on that
mailed-by: gmail.com

Hello Admin of Azo bux,

       As an honest member of and clicker since 2006 or what ever. I want to know why you suspend my account? Whatever the reason is unless it is fixed my company will start the process of taking legal action against your company for money owed on the traffic I have provide through my netowrk thus far as I as the owner of Rutakus and other trade names do not provide traffic to scam web sites which is what I have already concluded as you actions are as there no way I violated any terms of service as not only as an honest member in the community but an honest business owner who is also disabled.
If you doubt my business registration here is the site you can look up my company.:   https://secure.dor.wa.gov/gteunauth/_/ 
My UBI for my company is 603021015
Company name Rutakus.
I will also say that all communications with me, my company and you are will be my company property as all my get paid to earnings are reported on my business taxes as well. And may not be used against us or me in way as we have no dishonest intent which we know we can prove easily.
I will ask you to provide a link to you up business information. If not provided to me I will clocked the hours for the amount of time my company used to look up and find your company information or we come to the conclusion that your business doesn’t exist. Regardless of what happens this will posted publicly for the world to see and I will not filter out anything. But as an honest decent human being I will also give you guys a chance to responded. Because things do happen.
But I also want and except you to try me test me thinking you can get a way with ripping people off. As person who is sick of scammers I will used everything in my companies power to make to others aware of your scam until your company no longer exists.
Sorry if I’m sound like a ass but I’m pissed for the time and traffic I feel have wasted on your site.
All communications will be monitor by my company lawyer as well and if we pursue legal actyion against you you will pay all costs we put out for this. But if its a misunderstand and it get fixed my company will take the loss of what we paid out already.
Here the is the second email:
to: admin@azobux.net
date: Jul 14, 2018, 9:02 AM
subject: Second email and deleted my facebook comment I’m going public Your a Scam

So still no response from you I think your scammer and you are what makes it hard for us honest administrators. So I’m done playing games as everything makes you look even more like a scammer. You have your domain information hidden by privacy meaning you need to hide. I can’t find any information for the legitimacy of your company in any of the free business database search tools. I’m not about to pay for information in BC to find out what I pretty much already know is that your business doesn’t exist or you haven’t renewed I don’t know but right now your a scam and I will post it on my web site thoughts of everything dot com cot org

Here is the thing if you would with me  but you deleted my forum post which had nothing in there that violated your terms of service. And don’t try and bullshit me on this either as my company and I are prepared to take you on full force as I believe your are a scammer and you are part of the problem including Paypal not like these business. I’m pretty you suspended me because I know my stuff and would expose your scam. Reason my statement in forum post coming close to something like its hard for members to trust these new sites or something like that these days as the amount of scam out there. And I discuss what I myself and basically introduce myself to your community and deleted my comment and suspended. Your a scammer. I’m so damn glad I didn’t buy any advertising from you. You could still change my mind about your so called company but I doubt you will. Here is my first post about your page I joined: http://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/making-extra-money/back-into-it-ptc-new-site-to-test-azobux/
Today I will be going and writing a full article labeling your web sites/company/network as a scam.
FYI all my communications with are property of my honest company Spokane, Wa USA and can not be used or altered in anyway shape or form to be used against us. This includes the earning I had in profile because you probably deleted them, my forum post you deleted my Facebook comment you deleted deleted and all email as I report what I earn from get paid to site to my government under my company profile for taxes so earning I would have earned from you I would have paid taxes. I will be posting all my communications with you publicly and even mentioning your lack of response.
Thank you for giving my trade name thoughts of everything some content even though I wish scammers would stop existing.
Have a day scammer!
Yes I know there are grammer and spelling error but I have bad eye which there is nothing I can do about it at this time. But you all get the gist of it
Update: 12-16-2018: So I couldn’t help myself and my investigative desires kick in and I want to further look in to Azobux. A web site called netbusinessratings is full of complaints about the site and what I think is very funny is the admin keep feeding the negativity by acting like a little kid. Keeps on saying the bad comments are not effecting him/her which is showing otherwise. The thing that gets me is he or she is publicly share users information and that alone worries me in the aspects of my information being on shared behind my back and if I correct what this admin is doing is privacy policy violation regardless if the person didn’t follow rules or not. Certainly a GDPR violation.
Anwyays here are some pdf files I made of some of the comments: Same password as above:
Azobux some of the comments: https://files.secureserver.net/0stm2maAImxUra
I will update this as new information becomes available.
Thank you for reading and paying for this content.
EDIT: 8-29-2022 complete scam and this post was paid access now public access as all evidence can be provided

By Ru-Kun

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