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Hello all you awesome people and how are you all doing out there? I hope you guys are doing good out there. I @ru-kun Rutakus would like to welcome you to another no bullshit media post about making earning money. Here we will be taking a look at another payment I have received from the project. We will discuss some of the issues I had with getting my payment as well. This project is a cryptocurrency mining project/mining pool called Cryptotab and I’m mainly just using Cryptotab Browser.

This will be my 43th payout and no BS this payout was super slow with some issues again. What I mean is lately the last couple payments have been getting super slow. What I mean by this is payments taking longer the 7 days. My 43th payment took over a month to receive. I check my history everyday as there has been many times I had to re-confirm my payments. This time my payment request rejected. This has never happened before to me anywhere. The message in my payment history says the following “Withdrawal request rejected by moderator; please, contact support”. You can see my screenshot here. 

The Payment Issue Screenshot

The first 43th payout request Cryptotab rejected
The first 43th payout request Cryptotab rejected

With all the slow payout issues I have been having Cryptotab the project still remains on the Thoughts Of Everything watch list I will say it still is on our paying list but it just going to take longer for Elite testing. Cryptotab usually states payments are made withing 1-3 business days I believe when payout is requested. I do test a mine on many other mining pools or projects and yet to have had payment issues. But all other projects I’m testing have a higher minimum amount to requested payout. I am working on increasing my earning on those other projects and my hashrate has been used for those projects.

Now this 43th Cryptotab Browser payment is from just using the Pro version browser with extra boost. Sometimes mining for a couple hours with desktop. I don’t have the Max version browser anymore as I don’t have the cash to renew, and I believe I didn’t profit off the cost of the Max version even with the discount. I also will say I had to contact support and re-request my payout again. I really didn’t get to speak with a human as to the reason my payout was rejected but once I submitted the support request, I was paid very fast. I heard back about my requested asking if my issue was resolved. I sent back saying yes, but I had an older payment in the history that was paid but still showing waiting on blockchain. I haven’t heard back yet. 

43th Cryptotab Browser Payment

Here below you can see my payment proof.

Ru-Kun's 43th Payment From Cryptotab.
Ru-Kun’s 43th Payment From Cryptotab.

Let I said, Cryptotab is on my watch list. But that doesn’t mean anything other than some issues. The project is on the Thoughts Of Everything paying list and I still am rewarding my active referrals. Though I will state no referral has yet to be reward as none of them have tried contacting me yet. So, if you would like to be the first, you still will be paid by this project at the time of this post. You can click my affiliate link right here to join under me:

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