Mode Earning App And Ru-Kun’s 9th PayPal Payout

Mode Earning App And Ru-Kun’s 9th PayPal Payout

Hellos everyone, welcome new readers and existing readers if you happened to read my first post from today. How are you guys doing? Hopefully your guys are doing well. I’m doing ok you can read more about how I’m doing if you give a shit on my other post before this one as I don’t feel like repeating myself. But we are here to discuss Mode earning app formally known as Current Earning app or Music app as you get paid to listen to radio stations and other micro-tasks. 

Now I will say that I have been testing this project since around April 2021. The project is on the testing list and is on the watch list until the end of this year due to past issues and problems I have had with the project/company. I will say issues have been resolved and things are good. But the issues are pretty big IMO. You can see everything I have documented/share/investigated by my experience with Mode earning app. 

Now just because this project is on the watch list doesn’t mean it’s a scam. Just means there have been some major issues and I had some bullshit ass issues. I will still reward those of you who sign up under me because Mode’s affiliate program is limited to only 10 people which means any sign up after that 10 people limit I don’t earn off those sign ups and areas you earn from your referrals such as that area you play mobile games in.  So I will only be rewarding the first 10 people to sign up under my referral link.

@ru-kun’s 9th Payment From Mode Earning App

This is my 9th payout from Mode and it was sent to my PayPal account. $10 was requested and my payment proof below is minus the PayPal fees.

Ru-Kun’s 9th payment From Mode/Current Earning app

This was the first time that Mode/Current earning app has paid me as fast as the did. Like a day believe. Normally it takes about a week and they state its about 7 business days. my payment before this took a month. That payment was one such issue that put this project on my watch list. Either way I have been every time thus far whether slow of fast I got money. Now if you want to join as well please click my referral link here to sign up: (I will only give activity bonuses to the first 10 people).

Thanks for reading. 


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Nielsen Research and Ru-Kun’s 3rd Payment

Nielsen Research and Ru-Kun’s 3rd Payment

Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope all you awesome visitors are doing ok. I’m doing ok my pain levels are pretty high today but I will make it there as I got a lot of shit to get done. This blog post is one of those such things. I have another post to write as well, both are the type of posts I love to write as it’s always nice to get extra money consider most of us don’t get a lot of money or are living pay check to pay check. Now this is a payment proof post about Nielsen Research and programs like these can help out a lot of people. Now this is why I started researching and investigating programs like these where you can work from home/online or have passive/semi-passive earnings to get you extra money. Technology so much allows this with no limitations on programs But there is also room for a shit ton of scammers/scams.

Nielsen Research i.e. Nielsen Holdings is a data and information measurement company that researches what people watch, read, listen to, buy and so on. Now with this being stated, I @ru-kun have been testing out Nielsen’s mobile and PC research panel. To be fair I have tested Nielsen for sometime but less then what I have set for the testing phase of earning programs. I still made sure I got a third payment. But Nielsen is almost worldwide and has been in business for a looonnnng time, according Wikipedia (on Nielsen Holdings) though not a super reliable source, but it is correct on when the company. Nielsen started in 1923. Now as far as I can tell Nielsen doesn’t offer affiliate programs.

That being said I have no link for people to join and I won’t be rewarding any for activity on this program, This may change in the future, but most likely won’t because they been in business for so long. But I still share this with you as it could be helpful. Some people make a pretty ok money doing these programs and some people survive off these type of programs. Mainly in countries that don’t have the opportunities’ that like I have here in the United States or other countries like Canada and United Kingdom.

The 3rd Payment Proof

Now you can see below my payment proof which I had requested and was sent to my PayPal account.

Ru-Kun’s 3rd Payment From Nielsen.

It payment was sent to my business account to help cover web servers costs for my network. It was for $15 USD and you earn points which that can be cashed out for a payment option, product and so on. They have soooo much shit you can get dvds, fucking kitchen supplies, gift cards, books, all kinds of shit. Kind of cool not going to lie. But you have to install software on you computer and/or the mobile app on your mobile device. Then you earn points everyday when you use you device. They also have some micro tasks you can get points on their website for the mobile/PC panel.

You want to use this program you can check it out at the direct link here:

Remember I don’t earn anything from your traffic or sign up on the above link and neither does my website Thoughts Of Everything as my earning and site earnings are separate. Thanks for reading and stay tune for more. Got something you want to share sign up on our website to comment on this post. 

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Hell Ya, 42nd Payout, Cryptotab Payouts

Hell Ya, 42nd Payout, Cryptotab Payouts

Hello all of you awesome ass poeples and how are guys doing today? I hope you all are doing well. I’m doing ok. Though my pain levels are extra high today and I have a fucking headache. Sorry not sorry, we  are not a website for those under 18. But I’m trying to manage my pain while typing out this article. Now what I’m going to discuss here is the awesome legit crypto mining program called Cryptotab and my Cryptotab payouts.

So for those of you new to this website and to the Cryptotab project. Cryptotab is a crypto company that has multiple different products/services. But for the purpose of this post we will focus on their crypto mining products that pay you in Bitcoin to mine crypto either with your desktop computer, cloud miner or mining farm i.e Cryptotab Browser or Cryptotab Farm. Both allow to you mine or get workers to mine on PC and mobile, though you can’t not technically with your mobile device. You get either I believe 500 hash rate on the free app of Cryptotab(Cryptotab Browser) on your device. The PC version does use your computer resources but I believe they only mine XMR (Monero) which only uses CPU. Then pays you in Bitcoin. Actually, the browser has setting and allows yo to still browser the internet while earning Bitcoin.

The Cryptotab  42nd Payment

So below you will be able to see a screenshot of my payout to my Coinbase trading account.

Ru-Kun’s 42nd Payment From Cryptotab

Now as you can see here I was paid +0.00005035 BTC. Minimum payout is 0.00001 BTC. This being stated Cryptotab is listed in the Thoughts Of Everything legit earning program list and under testing to be listed in the Elite program list. They have been on the paying list since the beginning of this year along with another mining pool I have been testing. Now all the link in this post I earn money or crypto off of i.e. the Cryptotab links. So if you click then and sign up you will be my downline and I reward my downline for their activity. So if your active you can get extra rewards such as advertising (promote your link) or cash/crypto. All depends but for legit earning programs I do reward my downline as you all help keep this thing alive. XD Thanks for reading/clicking If you want to join my downline as either Cryptotab Browser or Cryptotab Farm click on of my links below to join.

Cryptotab Browser:

Cryptotab Farm:

Thanks again. Stay tune for more.

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Ibotta Is Now On The Paying App List and Ru-Kun’s 3rd Payment

Ibotta Is Now On The Paying App List and Ru-Kun’s 3rd Payment

Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing too bad just super busy and trying to multitask. I have shit ton of posts to write but also a whole bunch of other stuff to do. But right now I going to right to write this blog post about Ibotta ( app being moved up to the paying earning app list from the testing earning list. Then I’m going to go back to cleaning the home office. and rest of the house. Well I have another short post to write after this one.

Ibotta ( is a kind like a cash back app that you can get money back on your receipts like from a store like Safeway or Costco. But some online store like Amazon are on there as well but you just have to follow the direction or take a picture of the receipt once you select all the offers you able to get cash back on. I don’t know if this app is available to everyone but if you able to, its a nice little app to get extra money back on things you buy. I @ru-kun have been paid 3 times thus far all to my PayPal account. You can see my payment screenshot below. 

Ru-Kun’s 3rd payout from Ibotta

Now as you can see I got $20 as that is the minimum for PayPal. There are other options but I not going to go into it right now. But Ibotta has now been moved the the paying list and will start testing for the Elite earning program list. Now that it’s on the paying list I will be rewarding my active referral if you get on contact with me here in this site. Thanks for reading.

Now if you want to join Ibotta click here:

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Horizen Faucet and Ru-Kun’s First Payments 1-14 Payouts Received

Horizen Faucet and Ru-Kun’s First Payments 1-14 Payouts Received

Hello everyone and how is it going today. I hope you all are doing well. I’m doing ok my main desktop computer crashed so I haven’t been to active on writing any content which really sucks. As I have a bunch of shit to write and it starting to pill up. This blog post about Horizen Faucet ( is one such post I’m behind on. Let’s get started and take a look at Horizen Faucet.

Horizen Faucet or is a crypto faucet for Horizen (ZEN) crypto. I believe the faucet is created and administrated by the team the manage the Horizen cryptocurrency project. But I have yet to truly confirm this. But either way I have already been paid 14 times since using the faucet. I use the Horizen Sphere desktop wallet to earn hold reward bonuses on the faucet. But you can also find, buy, trade, sell ZEN on Coinbase and other such popular exchanges.

The Payment Proofs

All of the following payment were received to Sphere By Horizen desktop wallet.

Payment 1:

Ru-kun 1st payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 2: 

Ru-kun 2nd payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 3:

Ru-kun 3rd payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 4:

Ru-kun 4th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 5: 

Ru-kun’s 5th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 6:

Ru-kun’s 6th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 7: 

Ru-kun’s 7th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 8:

Ru-kun’s 8th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 9:

Ru-kun’s 9th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 10:

Ru-kun’s 10th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 11: 

Ru-kun’s 11th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 12: 

Ru-kun’s 12th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 13:

Ru-kun’s 13th payment from Horizen faucet

Payment 14:

Ru-kun’s 14th payment from Horizen faucet

The above payments are my first 14 payments from this project. That being said this project is still under the Thoughts Of Everything test stage. The testing started fromm the date of my first payment as it was instant payments and you can claim this faucet once a day (20 hours according to the site). If you want to test this project with me I may still give activity bonuses. To join under me click my referral link here:

Thank you for reading.


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Cryptotab and Ru-Kun’s 40th Payout

Cryptotab and Ru-Kun’s 40th Payout

Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I not doing that great right I kind of feeling like shit due to being sick. It fucking horrible and I was suppose to work today. But being sick with cold/flu is kicking my ass. Anyways, I got some news here with receiving my 40th payment from Cryptotab Browser. Sorry I have been kind of delayed on writing this because I have been trying to get some other things done and working on solving some issues on my web server that I’ still working on. 

For those of you who are regular visitors know the Cryptotab project is considered a legit program and has gone through a lot of testing. Now for those of you who are new here, I @ru-kun have been testing Cryptotab for 2 years and a couple months. At the date/time of this post to be labelled by the Thoughts Of Everything website as a legit earn extra money program, registered company’s get 2 years testing unregistered earning programs get 3 to 3 and half years of testing. You can read more about our Thoughts Of Everything earning program disclaimer here:

40th Payment and The Proof

So this is my 40th payment that I had got sent to my Coinbase account(Click here to get a Coinbase trading account). The amount I was paid is 0.0000423 BTC. You can take a look at my screenshot below.

Ru-Kun’s 40th payment received from Cryptotab

I’m always glad when I get paid as every little bit helps and I think there needs to be more honest programs out there. We people need more options to make money and be more able to support ourselves. Elite programs are such programs and I can’t wait to see Cryptotab be on that list. Thanks for reading my post and come back for more

Cryptotab is a legit crypto mining pool so I do reward my active referrals so if you would like to join this program under me click here for Cryptotab Browser:

or Click here for Cryptotab Farm:

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My first Payment Issue With Cryptotab On My 39th Payment Request

My first Payment Issue With Cryptotab On My 39th Payment Request

Hello everyone and how are you all doing today? I hope everyone is doing well. I’m doing ok. I have been super busy trying to fix an issue with my email server for most of my network. I have also been trying to relax a bit as well. Spend time with family and such. Got my step son moving in with us soon so trying to get ready for that as well. Plus beside the email server issue. Been trying to do other things on the server to get my web hosting side of my company up and going. Now this is such a post I did not what to ever write but I have my first real payment issue with Cryptotab.

As some of you not but those that don’t know we here at Thoughts Of Everything media don’t feed ya any bullshit. We share the experience and information gathered. Plus, we put programs such as these through long testing before they get labelled as a legit earning program. Even longer testing to be labelled as an Elite earning program. Cryptotab‘s program is on the Thoughts Of Everything legit program list and was just recently added at the beginning of the year. Now because of the following issue testing for our Elite earning program list. It is starting over today 2-23-2023.

The Payment Issue

I recently requested payment from Cryptotab Browser on Feb. 13, 2023. I had seen nothing as far as to movement on my payment to my Coinbase trading account. So I checked it and it needed to be re-confirmed. No notification or anything that it need to be done. So I re-confirmed it then I cancelled my payout and requested a new one  with more in my balance. You can see my screenshots below.

Rukun’s Cancelled payment Cryptotab account info. Requested 2-13-2023 cancelled on 2-22-2023

Ru-Kun’s re-requested 39th payment Cryptotab 2-22-2023

Ru-Kun’s Payment history Cryptotab account with the 39th payment issue.

Now I will say this is really only the first issue. Though some of my payments before have taken longer then was stated. I’m am still promoting that program referral link. This you can find throughout this article. I will also post it at the end of my post. I hope to be able to post some good news about my payment issue in my next post. I will state I have not contacted support at all yet because I cancelled and re-requested payment.

Have you had issues or success with Cryptotab? Please comment below as we like to hear about it. Want to test Cryptotab? Click my link here:

Thanks for reading!

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Ru-Kun’s 30th Payments From Cryptotab Mining

Ru-Kun’s 30th Payments From Cryptotab Mining

Hello everyone and how are you all doing out there today? I hope you guys are all doing ok other there. I’m doing ok, in extra pain due to weather changes in my area, snow and such. I got to go to work in a couple hours. Welcome to another crypto mining post and payment proof for Cryptotab browser/mining pool. It is a software miner either from the browser on both PC and mobile devices. Or you can use the Cryptotab Farm on PCs as a mining farm. You can also run Cryptotab Farm on mobile where you can purchase workers and such.

I @ru-kun have been testing the Cryptotab for a good while now. I glad to say that I have now received 30 payments at the time of this post. At the moment I’m getting my payouts to my Coinbase (COIN investment code click here to invest on Robinhood) trading account. Cryptotab pays you in Bitcoin though you are not mining BTC. My 30th payment is for 0.00001364 BTC and I’m holding it instead of selling or trading it. You can see my payment proof in the image below.

The 30th Payment

Ru-kun’s 30th Cryptotab payment proof

You can see this transaction on the blockchain here: Though, this project is still under the testing phase for earning programs. Testing will be done at the end of this year and we will most likely be labeling it as legit. With this being said I do reward my active referrals on this program, using our Thoughts Of Everything social networks feature and adding me to your friends clicking my profile here: @ru-kun. Now to to join under me on Cryptotab click here: or if you want to use the Cryptotab Farm click here for my promo code and get a discount:

Thanks for reading.


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29th BTC Payout From Cryptotab

29th BTC Payout From Cryptotab

Hello everyone and how in the world are you all doing today? I hope you guys are doing well. I @ru-kun am doing ok. The weather changes in my area has been making my pain levels a little extra sometimes a lot extra.  Now what we are going to talk about here is I just got my 29th BTC (Bitcoin) payout from Cryptotab browser/app/mining pool. This is a mining pool that mines cryptocurrencies and pays you in Bitcoin (BTC).

Cryptotab browser is a Google Chrome clone that comes with a crypto miner for PC. The mobile apps/browsers have a cloud miner with 3 hour timer. This means its going to have to be turned on every 3 hours. There are 3 type of browsers with cloud miners. Lite version which is the free version with the lowest hash rate. Pro, a version that I believe you only have to pay for once which is the one I use. then there is a Max version that has a subscription for use and can be ran with the Pro version at the same time. Can’t verify if Lite can be ran at the same time though. But I sure it works that way. There is also a Cryptotab Farm app but I have really use it yet.

Payment Proof

The payment has been sent to my account on the Coinbase trading platform. The payment is for 0.00002174 BTC which I’m holding on to. The transaction can be seen on the blockchain here: Here is my payment proof screenshot below.

Ru-Kun’s 29th Cryptotab Payment Proof

I have been requesting payouts once a week for most of this year. The testing phase of this program is almost done. It fact, This project will be on my best earning work from home list 2022 I @ru-kun plan on writing at the end of this year. If you would like to join this project I do reward my active referrals who are in contact with me. Best join the Thoughts Of Everything website for that. Now, if you want to join Cryptotab click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading/visiting this post.

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The 24th Payout From Cryptotab Received By Ru-Kun

The 24th Payout From Cryptotab Received By Ru-Kun

Hello everyone and how are you all doing out there? I hope you people are doing alright out there. I’m doing ok, in a bit of pain today. Making it hard to get things done. But I’m managing. My pain levels have been a bit high lately due to the weather changes. Anyways, let’s get on with this 24th payout that I got from the Cryptotab mining pool. 

For those of you reading this for the first time Crypotab is a kind of mining pool either with your own computer or using their mobile browsers (lite or Pro and Max versions). Basically, the project is a crypto mining pool that will pay you in Bitcoin (BTC). You can read more about what has been posted by us on Thoughts Of Everything with this link:

Now for my 24th payout I got 0.00001681 BTC to my Coinbase (“COIN” investment stock code) trading account wallet. I am already close my 25th payment at the time of this writing. Cryptotab Browser is running at half speed while I write this article in Brave Browser. You can see my payment proof here: 

Ru-Kun’s 24th Cryptotab payout

You can see the entire blockchain transaction here:

Now I would like to thank you all for reading and visiting this site. If you would like to join Crypotab just click my link here: and please note I reward my active referral and what not if you are in my downline. Again join my referral link for Cryptotab to ensure you in my downline click here:

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Noyce, 8 Payments Received From Cryptotab Browser

Noyce, 8 Payments Received From Cryptotab Browser

Hello everyone and how are you all doing right now? Hopefully well, I’m doing pretty good got to go back to work tomorrow for the work week. Well, anyways this post is not going to be that long but I will be sharing a payment proof from Cryptotab Browser and testing our part time mining for a week with just Cryptotab Browser to get an idea on about how much you can earn.

So I did this with two devices, on pc with about 2500 h and my mobile device with Cryptotab Browser Pro on Android with about 1500 h. So not super fast but I do get enough to have earned 8 payouts thus far. 0.00005593 Bitcoin satoshis on this 8th payout to my Coinbase (COIN stock code) account. You can see my payment proof below.

When the payout was requested, I also started the week of part time mining test took screenshots of before and after. You can see those below here:

Before And After Once payment was requested I just tested the mobile mining for a week while I was testing another mining pool on my desktop computer. You can see my screenshot here: So as you can see I already have a bit of earning and right now I’m only mining part time on the mining almost. Now I’m still testing this mining pool but it’s close to be labeled as legitimate earning program. But I still will say you can earn off and I will reward my active referrals as well. So if you want to join Cryptotab Browser click this link here:

Thanks for reading and clicking any of my sponsored links in this post 

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Rukun Got Paid From Cryptotab Browser, 6th Payout In Fact

Rukun Got Paid From Cryptotab Browser, 6th Payout In Fact

Hello everyone and how is it going today? Hopefully well. I not doing to bad today actual though normally I would be working at my other job. But today work is closed for maintenance and because I’m normally scheduled to work today I’m still getting paid for today. But it’s good because my body is killing from working yesterday at my other job. But it is what it is. Anyways, let’s move forward with what this article is about which is my 6th payment from Cryptotab Browser to my Coinbase account.

If you have been following Thoughts Of Everything or not please note that I have been covering this mining pool/program for a bit now no I have been paid more the once and most pretty low payout as well. Some payouts super fast. Other take a couple days but no fees which is probably why it takes a some days especially when mining fees are high like at the time of this post for Ethereum blockchain transactions today. Just tried to covert my compoundEther to #Ethereum so I can start moving my Ether to #Coinbase then covert to ethereum2 for staking. But I’m going to wait, I’m a patient person. Just as I was with my 6th payout for CryptoTab Browser as it took about a week to get. I got 0.0001196 worth of Bitcoin. You can see my screenshot below, you can click image to view full size but this image isn’t that large so might not be be need. Note you can still click it.

Here is the transaction on Bitcoin blockchain explorer, but mine wasn’t the only on in this payout all the other are more then likely payouts as well: Lots of payouts that day. Thank you Cryptotab Browser if you happen to be reading this. But remember everyone this program at the current time is in my testing list but also one I do recommend signing up and becoming active. Remember I reward my active downlines and this is one of those programs I will do so. Now, I’m going to end this blog post for the night as it is about 12:39am here at the Thoughts Of Everything home office. Thanks for reading. If you would like to join CryptoTab, thank you in advance, but go a head and click the link right here:

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How Would You Like To Get Paid Listening To Music, Well Got My First Payment From Current

How Would You Like To Get Paid Listening To Music, Well Got My First Payment From Current

Hello everyone how is it going for you today while your are reading my post. Rukun here to bring something kind of awesome. How would you like to get paid for listening to music? Too me that sounds like a good idea and with that being said I have started to do some research/investigating and now testing of such application that is installed on a mobile device and does just this, pays ya for listening to music. Heck, in the short amount of time that I have been testing the app I was able to reach a Paypal payout with you can see in my screenshot below. (remember you can click the image to view full size). My first payout request was $6.00 and I’m pretty sure the payout below is with Paypal fee.

Now you can also request payout in gift cards and items. Some such gift cards may include; Playstation, Sephora, Target, Walmart, Tjmax, Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, and eBay. But I will most likely be most using Paypal. So with this being said. I’m first going to state that this program is still in my testing list meaning it still “could” be a risk. Heck life is a risk most of the time if not all time. But I’m pretty sure you will earn some from extra money from this application. You will need a mobile device to be able to use it from my understanding as I don’t see options for desktop devices/computers but if you have a mobile device you must give it a try. Now if you do join this program I suggest you create an account here on Thought Of Everything so you can get bonuses for your active.

Now to join the program just click this link and download the app to your mobile device, This app is called Current, to download click here: {Link removed temporary}

Thanks if you download and are using the app as it supports us and keeps us online. Plus keeps me testing the various things out to earn extra money. Have a good day.

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Honeyminer 3rd Payment Received

Honeyminer 3rd Payment Received

Hello everyone how are you all, doing today, tomorrow or in the future?? I surely hope you all are doing well either way. I’m hanging in there as we are still struggling in my household and doing our best to stay caught up. As you can all see I have been doing my damned to keeping this server online and I would like to thank all of you for what you do whether it’s visit this site or join some of the links I post about. Now just remember stay in contact hers as I Rukun give my active referrals bonuses. Heck, I’m even going to thank all of my haters out that as well. Thank you Haters. LOL. Anyways, as you guys know and for those that don’t know I have been testing this desktop mining app called Honeyminer which easily allows users to mine cryptocurrency with little or no knowledge. In fact the app is so easy to use probably an elderly person could possibly use it.

Now it was quite nice to receive my 3rd payment from this mining pool and app today as lately I haven’t been getting any mining rewards and I was starting to wonder. But as I stated before this desktop mining application and mining pool are still under out testing phase and I still plan on contacting them to find out why haven’t gotten anything in a while. Maybe this will be a good test to find out how fast Honeyminer’s support is. So below is my payment proof I received on Coinbase Trading Platform.

Honeyminer 3rd payment

Now I had paid a bit in fees to receive these funds from mining about 22000 Satoshi which at the time of this transaction is about $12.34250 so my total payment 26,374 Satoshis which for those who don’t know is what a bitcoin break up into. Anyways I will be posting more about Honeyminer later as I have to contact support and also do some more digging into who the company that manages honeyminer is. Now again this program is still in my testing sites/apps/money making program lists but is paying as I have personally received 3 payments thus far and I wrote about each payment on this website. So if you would like to join under me and help support what I do thank you and here is my referral link which also help support this site:

Thank you all for reading my article and thanks to those who clicked on any links in my article. Your awesome

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Hello everyone how is it going? So is down again meaning I will be placing this site on my watch list as this is the second time the site has gone down since I joined. And when it came back online I requested payout (not paid yet). and now the site is down. Again, #covid19 is taking it’s toll on us but it’s still irritating. Anyways, just because it’s on my watch list doesn’t mean a thing as I like to think everyone want to to be honest. But that is that case which is why I have to have these categories so I and this site can do the best in shutting down scammers and overall bad peoples. We will take these risks so you don’t have to. Anyways, I will keep you posted on this matter. Hopefully they come back.

Here is a screenshot of the error I get when visiting the page:

click image to view full size

I get this in a browser called Brave and it’s a clone of Google Chrome. Much better I think as you can earn from it viewing privacy respecting ads but you may get a different error in Firefox or Opera. I sorry I’m not going to test it myself to see what the error is at this time. But I did check the Domain tools whois info and seen changes were made on 6-25-2020:  and here is a screenshot of domain tools whois info just in case:

Click image to view full size

Anyways, thanks for reading. Don’t forget to join Thoughts Of Everything and enjoy our community member only discussion forums and interactive discussion on our article. Or create groups and have you own group forums. Thanks again

~~Rukun Rutakus (Owner/Creator) aka MrRuste of MrRuste music.

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