Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you guys are doing well. I’m doing OK. Super tired from working for a client in my local area for the other parts of my business. Plus, tired from the new kitten in the household who has been shit ass and attacking my feet while sleeping LOL. What we are going to discuss here is HeedYou moving to the Thoughts Of Everything paying list. HeedYou is paying. 

HeedYou is a paid to click site where you can earn money from home clicking on ads and viewing them for timer then verifying your view by solving a human check. They also have tasks like surveys, offerswalls and video ads. I have done those other things there yet as I normally only do those on paying sites or programs. It’s more of my own preference if I can help it. For the first while I have only done the site own PTC ads and didn’t have any referral until fairly recently.

Now that the site is on the Thoughts Of Everything paying list I will really be putting in work on this site including testing out the advertising to get traffic to my own networks. Now I would suggest clicking all PTC ads everyday and getting yourself some referrals. Now if you sign up as my downline I will reward you with ya for your activity. But you also must have an account here on Thoughts Of Everything.

My 3rd Payment From HeedYou

Ru-Kun's Rutakus's 3rd Payment From HeedYou
Ru-Kun’s Rutakus’s 3rd Payment From HeedYou

My above 3rd payment was received in my Paypal account and was 100% invested into my projects such as this Thoughts Of Everything media website. Pretty all my online earnings have been going into my business and project so that I can actually start hiring people and earning a living to survive. I will start reviewing and testing the advertising of the site now that it has been moved to the paying list. if you want to earn extra money sign up under my affiliate link here: https://heedyou.com/?r=MrRuste

Thanks reading and remember if you a Thoughts Of Everything member and in my downline for the HeedYou website you can get activity rewards such as money or crypto and/or advertising to what ever link you want

Join HeedYou click here: https://heedyou.com/?r=MrRuste

By Ru-Kun

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