Hello again for the third time today. I like that being able to get more then one blog post done in a day. And another payment proof post at that from a website in my paying list. Again, I’m going to keep this short. I have a bunch of other shit to get done.

This website is called HeedYou and is in my paying list meaning you will be rewarded for your activity if you ARE IN MY downline. Click here is you want to make sure of that: https://heedyou.com/?r=MrRuste. Now, this will be my 4th payment received. This payment has been sent to my Paypal. See my payment below

Ru-Kun’s 4th Payment From HeedYou

Ru-Kun's 4th payment from HeedYou
Ru-Kun’s 4th payment from HeedYou

Again, HeedYou is on my paying list and active downline rewards will happen if you are my downline. To make sure of this click my referral link here: https://heedyou.com/?r=MrRuste.

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By Ru-Kun

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