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Hello everyone and how are you guys doing? I hope all is well for you all. I’m doing ok. My pain levels are extra high from busting my ass at work. Hours will be massively cut down in about 3 weeks to where I will have to apply for unemployment if I can even qualify as I haven’t been at my job that long. It kind of sucks and is stressing me out right. I will still be snow blowing once we get snow but that isn’t guaranteed hours and under the table from what I had heard. But I’m pushing through and looking around for another job, well I’m always looking for something with better pay and what not. Especially with my skills and schooling. That is enough of that, back to what I will be discussing in this blog post.

What I am going to talk about is my Rotate4All 2nd payout received and really fast. Rotate4All is a paid to surf, paid to promote and a website rotator. Kind of falls under the paid to click category I would say. This project has been online for a good while and I see lots of users advertising it. Online since 2013. But this project is still going to our earning program testing phase list. Once I get my 3rd payout, the project will then move up to our/my paying list. 

My Rotate4All 2nd payout was paid to my company’s Airtm account. They do also use Skrill, PayPal, Faucetpay, Bank Transfers, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, and Payeer. I can’t recommend Perfect Money, Payeer or Faucetpay as they don’t allow the United States at this time. The other payment options I can recommend. Click on my Airtm link here: helps me earn extra money, keeps this website online and what not. Below you will see my 2nd payout payment proof.

My Rotate4All 2nd Payout

Ru-Kun's Rotate4All 2nd payout $4.98 USDC
Ru-Kun’s Rotate4All 2nd payout

Like I said, this project is still on my testing list, but it won’t be long before it is moved to my paying list. I may reward active referrals right now for their activity. At the date stamp of this blog post, my above earnings are with no downline just paid to promote and paid to surf with not being active everyday. If you want to ensure you’re in my downline, click my referral link here:

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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