Hellos everyone, how are you all doing right now? I hope you all are doing well. I’m not doing too bad just super busy in the background of the site and the family friendly Thoughts Of everything project which will be just like Thoughts of Everything in having features and format. But I will go into that a little bit more in a future post as this is where I start writing more reviews and what not. For those of you that don’t know Thoughts Of Everything runs on WordPress and with these days hackers are every where and some of the content we may have on our site some may not like and what to take us down but more or less these days people just hack other peoples stuff just because they want to be assholes. Anyways, we been testing out different WordPress security plugins to be secure that site for everyone that enjoys it. Please understand I don’t have a review format yet but I’m working on one that will be used for the site.

Now I have been testing out a plugin for a while now maybe a couple of months of so. The plugin is called Wordfence Security (on WordPress plugin site) and is a WordPress firewall and malware scan plugin which is one of the things most if not all site need these days is some sort of security and protection on website and or server if you run one. But most don’t so plugins to protect site is what most do including us. Though, I do run my own server. So I do my best at that level as well. But I had got a wide hair up my ass to install a different plugin then that I had been using. Now Wordfence plugin isn’t a bad plugin from all the stuff it blocked and because of that I got a pretty big blocklist that I make available for supporters of Thoughts Of Everything here sometime soon hopefully. For the most part I liked the plugin and everything it does. It has real time or live traffic, Allow and Block lists, login security features, and other nice little features like admin widgets with top list of country, username used, IP addresses blocked or failed login attempts. But I will have to say today we had disabled and uninstalled due a major issues with users being able to login including myself and other admins/staff. Doesn’t make it easy. Now I had a issue a while back but have really had a issue login that often but as every new user thus far will have that issue in the beginning and I can’t really have that on a site I want to start growing. So I will say that if it were not for this pretty big factor I would have continued to use the plugin. Now to be fair I didn’t get any support what so ever. So it could be solved and from what I can tell the developer is pretty active in the support of the plugin. Also I noticed another plugin available that might fix such issues but from my stand point I don’t have the time for that with this site and switched back to my old plugin. But for the most part it is a great plugin. I might make a testing site later that I might use for testing purposes. 

Anyways, that is my review for the moment and sorry it isn’t in a nice format or anything I will try that later. Now be on the look out for more WordPress plugin reviews in the future as I plan on writing more in hope to help other bloggers/content creators who use WordPress for their blogging/website system. For right now I will be using Wordfence for a little while longer on that up-coming family friendly version of Thoughts Of Everything Teamjr: And don’t forget if your are using Brave Browser and you like our content please send us a tip in Brave as it help us keep the content flowing and keeps us online allowing us to continue doing things we enjoy. Don’t forget to contact us afterwards after you send us a tip so you can get supporter status and get extra features. If you want become a supporter in other ways click here: become a supporter? And like always thank you guys very much for reading this post. 


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By Ru-Kun

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