Hello everyone how are you all doing? I hope your all are doing well or hanging in there. First, I want to thank you all for being a support or one of staff that do all the back end work and make this site what it is. Now as you know this is a supporter only post for content within my post and for right now with how small of a site and content creator network i.e (my family friendly site https://www.teamjr.org) but that project is currently being worked on before we go public. Anyways, I’ve been working on creating more support content such as this and some other ideas I might bring about later but this one is a supporter only content as a lot of the times these same people get angry like little snowflakes and will cause issues on my small little server. Well at the time of this post we are super small but want to see a big.

But anyways, hackers and spammers are a big problem and even for the small site such as mine at the time of writing this at least. I would like to hope this site will grow but it takes a lot of work. The issues that I discuss here is some of the such things that have have preventing me from doing the work I have wanted to do on the site and the rest of my network/business. Now if you guy have seen my posts about Azobux and the shit that had happened after the admin had suspended my account over being offended by a forum post which no honest person would have every been offended by in my opinion. Regardless that is when Thoughts Of Everything really ran into problems. I won’t go into details as all supporters actually have access to these article I have wrote. I do actually plan on revisiting the Azobux situation in a later and probably the last article I will write about them as I think the Azobux matter I’m going to looking into legal advise on to how I want to handle that issue as Thoughts Of Everything is a registered tradename of my business even though we currently don’t make any profits and at the the time of this post cost me money running this but I enjoy doing the whole thing but wish I had more time to do awesome things with this site with the stupid hacker stuff and I do work 6 days a week full time with one day off a week. So needless to say I don’t get a lot of time to do what I want i.e. making this grow and what not. 

So with this being said the whole Azobux incident made me have extra work both inside and outside our website and harassments and slandering of my name on our Youtube channel. This video is available for supporters. Go ahead and leave a comment if you would like to see the video or read the comment. So with this said I will say that I have had my work cut out for me as even without the whole Azobux situation hackers, spammers and all around asshole people that just have no life and spend time fucking with people.

So either way this is a problem that we are all facing and maybe we need to work together more as a society. Yes this is supporter content as one it help offset costs of running this site and web server. Second, it makes it harder for the hackers to see what we are doing in a sense because at the time of this post I’m not trying to create extra load on my web site. But I has some pretty big block lists that I currently share with supporters of the site. Here is my list in the forums updated every time we block an Ip address. Other list will be coming soon. But here is our forum post that only supporters/upgraded members can see: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/Forums/topic/list-oi-ip-addresses-brute-force-password-guesses-thoughts-of-everything/

Well this is it for the moment and I want to thank you guys for reading and being supporters of the Thoughts Of Everything site.

EDIT: 8-29-2022 complete scam and this post was paid access now public access as all evidence can be provided

By Ru-Kun

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