Well hello readers and visitor, Ru-Kun here. I’ve been planning to write this post for some time now and I still really don’t know how to approach this. Maybe I should just keep going in guns blazing. So first for those that don’t know Paypal is a payment processor used by a lot of online stores, shopping carts for customer to make a purchases. Or Paypal is used for sending money as well to other users like friend’s and family. A lot of people use and trust Paypal. Maybe too much?? Well that is what I’m going to find out. I’m going to investigate why Paypal has frozen the funds of so many business owners. I have been using Paypal for a long time and  have a verified business account. Heck this site uses Paypal for donations/life time full access this site.

Anyways, I’ve kind of been talking with some get paid to admins and some of the things I’m hearing is like how in the heck does companies like Paypal get away with freezing peoples accounts and not communicating. This hurts us all especially the members who had done work or purchased somehting from the site.

While I look into this further I’m kind of thinking of a way to help honest people/business owners to recover their fund from PayPal. Maybe some sort of legal help.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading.


By Ru-Kun

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