Hello readers, members & visitors. Before I begin talking about Changing The Future Outcome CBD products and the program. I’m going to have to give you some background information on myself and the pain and limitations I have to deal for the rest of my life. Some of you may already know my background. But for the new readers or visitors I was in a car accident back in 2012 where I was hit in my park car with hazard lights on. Just out outside Spokane/Deer Park area in Washington state, USA on highway 395. Upgraded members only get major details about my accident since I settled rather then fighting due to over-stressed, depression and life issues. Dealing with all the bullshit that comes with people’s opinions like like you pain is in your head and mean up shit got to me as well. So now in a sense I’m really suffering because of it but I’m thankful for all the things I have to help be less uncomfortable. Medical cannabis and CBD has been my major pain relief since 2014 because I have a lot of issues with nausea then finding out it helps with a lot of other pain as well. I have a medical cannabis card but at the moment cannabis is not completely legal at federal level which I have never wished prohibition of cannabis to end more then ever now. Which is why Thoughts Of Everything will be looking into donating a percentage of monthly earning to help push the legalization of cannabis. CBD is mostly legal but still has the stigma attached to it which I’m at the point that it needs to end. Anyways, so anyways, I’m looking into the CTFO which stands for Changing the Future Outcome that has a line of legal CBD products for multiple things such as pain relief and help to get you some sleep. You can either sign up as an associate and sell the products or purchase from me.  There is NO THC in CTFO and is cruelty free. Also once I get all the eggs in place for how to help end cannabis prohibition 1% of my CTFO earnings will be donated to the cause while the other is going to help cover cost of Thoughts of Everything and helping me with my health issues from my car accident. So to start I had made my first ordered for Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 1500mg and I’m starting my test. Runs about $99.99 and I believe is the highest strength offered. I use CBD concentrates as well from my local cannabis store since my state it is legal for the most part. I plan on ordering some other things and since I’m almost out of the previous CBD cream I was using before (Non-CTFO).

Anyways so far it seem to help but because my pain levels the recemmend doesn’t last all day and I’m probably going to have to add other CBD products as well.

If you would like to order CBD products from me with NO THC click on the shop link on my page here: https://myctfo.me/rutakus/ or if you would like to sell CTFO products click on the opportunity link on the navigation menu.

Don’t forget to register for an user account on Thoughts of Everything so you and I can work together and either help you find the best products for you or help you gain a downline or make sales leads.

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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