Brave Browser website screenshotBrave Browser website screenshot

Hello everyone and welcome to another @ru-kun Rutakus blog post. Today I will be discussing Brave Browser. But before that how are you guys doing today? Feel free to share in this posts comments as I would like to see more community interaction. Anyways, this is a post a long time coming. I actually started to write this post a while back and it been sitting doing nothing. But it has taken me sometime to do it. Now that I have a new issue to add about the project on top of a previous issue another website owner had with the Brave publisher program. Brave browser and the Brave publisher program were on my elite project earning list but because of the issue I had this year the project moved back down to my paying list. 

The issue I had with Brave Browser was that my Brave browser rewards profile was flagged by their system some how. I don’t know what was done as I use the browser as you are normally suppose to and the Brave ads come through where I either click close or open it if see an ad that I might be interested in. I thought for a minute that it could have been because I had added some devices to my profile due to crashing of my desktop computer. But from what i had found online doing an internet search for Brave rewards device limits, there are none at the date/time stamp of this blog post. Below is a screenshot of the error message. Now I got this message on both my mobile device and on my new desktop computer when I tried to restore my old Brave browser profile with everything including my bookmarks.

Ru-Kun's Brave Browser rewards profile flagged 7-3-2023
Ru-Kun’s Brave Browser rewards profile flagged 7-3-2023

My profile was flagged roughly around 7-3-2023 and I didn’t earn any Basic Attention Tokens until about August 2023 and not sure what devices as I haven’t been really use Brave that much since then. I had tried a couple time before then to see if I got the flagged message, which I did until about October or November. I am not sure when I checked and was able to use Brave rewards again, but now I can use them. 

The other reason This project moved back down to the paying list is an administrator of another earning program that I have been paid on couple times had their company Brave rewards publisher account blocked/flagged and no chance of reinstating it. No reason was given. I worry about this as I also have a publisher account for the Thoughts Of Everything and my other websites. I found this out as I had tipped the admin’s website through Brave Browser for fast support/answer due to Brave saying the website was a verified creator. I would kind of like to know where my tokens I has sent gone. But either way the admin disabled users from being able to do earn tasks using Brave when logged in.

I am still using Brave Browser and things are back to normal for the most part as well. I have received 80 payout to date of this post. Previous posts I have wrote about payment are incorrect as I was only counting what I was cashing out to bank which is not the payout. I use Uphold( to link my Brave rewards profile and publisher account. Below are my last 5 payouts, 75 through 80 BAT payments. I have held most of mt BAT earnings

Ru-kun’s Brave Browser Payouts 75 – 80.

Ru-Kun's Brave Rewards payouts 75 through 80
Ru-Kun’s Brave Rewards payouts 75 through 80

That is about it for the moment do search download Brave and get an Uphold account click here:, turn on Brave rewards and start earning BAT. Now if you link our content tipping us BAT through Brave can get you support access. I will keep you guys updated on this and will start posting payment proofs once a month as payouts are once a month.

Thanks for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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