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Hello everyone and how is it going today? I hope you guys are doing well out there. I’m doing ok, but in huge amounts of pain and it sucks I have to go into work and working outside in rain and snow selling Christmas trees. I’m really not looking forward to it but I need money to survive. It helps keep this thing going as well on top of the other areas I generate income. This is one such post that I like writing about. I got my Where The Money Grows 8th payout to my PayPal account.

Where The Money grows (WTMG) is a get paid to site with paid to click, paid to read, traffic exchange, paid to read emails, and paid to sign up sections for users to earn extra money. This project is on my paying list along with the administrator’s other get paid to website. Both will be soon moving up to the my elite earning project list and my recommended spot to advertise. Great support, answers really fast. Runs on Maderite Scripts/Hosting. Accepts and pays you with PayPal. Skrill and Perfect Money also accepted. USA users can’t use Prefect Money though.

I have written a bit about about this project and you can see all the blog posts every written here on our website tag for WTMG: https://www.thoughtsofeverything.org/tag/where-the-money-grows/. Working on this site is easy. Remember, though the site use cash out points, but they are not hard to get. I will state that it is an industry standard that I don’t really agree with but that doesn’t mean a project is a waste of time. This project is about to be moved up to my elite list as stated earlier. You can see my payment proof below.

Ru-Kun’s Where The Money Grows 8th Payout Screenshot

Ru-Kun's Where The Money Grows 8th Payout
Ru-Kun’s Where The Money Grows 8th Payout

I had stated that this project is in on my paying list meaning I will reward my active referral but you also must be a member here on our website Thoughts Of Everything to get in contact with me as this is the only way I’m currently managing this but you also must be in my downline. To make sure your are in my downline click and join under my referral link here: http://www.wherethemoneygrows.info/index.php?ref=MrRuste (MrRuste should be your upline)

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By Ru-Kun

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