Well all I just received a payment from a site I haven’t been paid on yet which now I can say is a paying site with a payment of $4.44 received. Here is a some brief thoughts I have about this site. It has a pretty good amount ads to click daily. The advertising prices seem to be pretty good starting at $0.99 for a 100 websites visits (clicks) to $499.00 for 100000 website visits (clicks). The support forums are pretty active and there doesn’t seem to be too many forum spammers, or if there are the forum moderators do their job well on keeping the forum clean. Anyways that’s enough about that. Still wondering what site I’m talking about. Well this new paying site in my list is called Crewbux and you can see the payment proof and more information in Paying PTC/GPT sites list post 

This post was posted by Rukun on his old blog here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/08/another-site-to-add-to-paying-sites.html

By Ru-Kun

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