Well it’s been awhile since I updated this blog so I think it about that time for massive updates. The first part here with in a month I will be change my blog layout/design. I’ll be doing a new design from scratch which I will make conform to XHTML standards, I’ll be working on a site map (maybe) as well.
Next thing is that I actually haven’t been all that active in clicking ads and such until about recently because of that massive record snowfall that I have been getting in the area I live. I basically had little to no Internet connectivity because I have a Satellite ISP.
Next massive update is a bunch of the sites I’m currently a member are going to be considered a scam or a waste of my time. First on the list is a bit surprising: Prowling Panther PTC seems to have disappeared along with the rest of my cash. So the following list is those I’m going to list as a scam which is based through my opinion and experience. My Scam/Waste of Time list
Paying Sites 1. Prowling Panther PTC (Disappeared)
2. Crewbux (Just a waste of time have to pay them to get a payout now)

Unverified Sites 1. Angelbux (deleted my earnings when I was without Internet, bastards)
2. Cosplaymails (“

Sorry!Cosplaymails.com is closed,All member’s payment is sent(URL link removed).Please don’t do any work now or you can’t get payment.Tosunmail.com and Tomoonmail.com are not our site,Please don’t sent email to our PAYPAL address(yuchen…@yahoo.com).If you have any problem,Please contact their admin.Thanks!!!”)
[[This message was posted on their site. I never recieved any payment from them. Which everyone should be paid when the site is closing. I even tried contacting those bastards about it considering I was really close to payout. The owners of Cosplaymails can kiss my a**]] Sorry about that.
3. Fireworksclicks (disappeared, I figure this one was a waste of time as well. I wasn’t all that active.)
4. Clickfantasy (too many problems with the site, never lets me login and had change my password like 9-10 times. Not too big of a loss though)
5. Islandclicks (also disappeared)
————————————- So now that list done. I’ll continue on with more updates. First thing though I will leave the payment proofs from prowling panther but all links and promotes will be removed.
Now Dragon hits is going to be an unverified paying site because payout has been raised to $2.00 and I believe the site has a different owner which is probably pretty old news.
I had requested payments from Clickershaven and ClixMakeSense a couple of days ago. So be on the look out for the sites to become verified paying sites (ClixMakesense for sure).
Last part of this update is I should be adding a some new PTC/GPT site here sometime soon. I will also be redoing all of the paying and unverified paying sites for the beginning year of 2009.
I’m also planning on having affiliate thing for other who will wish to affiliate with my blog. But I haven’t came up with rules for it yet. I think one rule will be that affiliates site/blog should be in some way related to earning on the Internet and Paid to click. But I won’t have this ready until about probably next month when I will have time to review potential affiliate sites and a way for contacting my. I might also make a space for people to advertise a banner or two on my site but since I trying to write my own script for the I might not have that for a while.
That’s about it for the moment. Thanks for reading. XD

Rukun’s old blogger blog post from here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2009/01/long-time-no-update-new-year-2009.html

Thanks for reading

By Ru-Kun

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