Well it’s month and there really isn’t too much new lately. Just been really busy lately.
Some good news. Well I have or am about to request payment on a few of the PTC sites I’m a member of. So look forward to some payment proofs post soon. In fact one of the sites is one I haven’t been paid on yet so I kind of looking forward to that.
Some somewhat bad news. A couple sites that I had joined that I haven’t been paid on yet have pretty much disappeared from the face of the net. So I will pretty much remove those from my list. One of the ones I removing from the list is GOOD BUX. This site I felt the most scammed from because I was like really close to my minimum payout. Another one that I actually removed from my list a while back was a PTC site called Nominbux, which I not really disappointed with as much as I am with Good Bux because I didn’t really have all that many ad click or that much in my account balance to begin with. Technically I not going to say these sites are scams but from my experience I must say that they disappeared. Some others sites that I think I will decrease my activity on just in case they disappear or end up be a scam.
Well that is enough with that. Be on the look out for some PTC sites reviews. I will be reviewing some of the sites I have been paid on and a couple of sites I have yet to receive payment on.

This post was first posted by Rukun on his old blog here: https://mrrustexd.blogspot.com/2008/08/posting-just-because-i-feel-like.html

By Ru-Kun

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