Hello everyone and how are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing well. If not we have a community forums you can share with us what is going on. There is not much activity right now but I am trying here and you can always get other to join this community. But either way most of the information here is freely available and that being said most of our content doesn’t require an account. So here in this blog post I will be talking about a crypto faucet called and my update payment proofs. 

What is a crypto faucet? A crypto faucet is basically a website or app that give users the chance to get almost free crypto. What I mean is you still have to do a small task to get the crypto so time is used make it a not so free. But micro tasks are easy and you can at least get crypto once every 24 hours. Now some faucets have different time setting on when you can claim some are instant payment some require you to be at the minimum payout to be paid. ( is one such website where you can claim a cryptocurrency called Horizen ($ZEN). I @ru-kun signed up on this program a while back doing a paid to sign up offer on one of my trusted/paying site list. I actually signed up on 2 faucets on a trusted site’s paid to sign up offers section. I have already received credit for these offers now we are in the middle of the testing phase for this project.

That being said I will state that I normally don’t reward my active referrals for programs/apps/websites I’m testing. But I will reward those you join under my link, join the Thoughts Of Everything website and leave a comment on the post your signed up under. That being said I have been paid 27 times at this time of this post. Below will be my payment proofs for payments 15 to 27.

Below you will see my payments 15 through 28 from this project. I do want to state that I believe this faucet is created by the creator of the Horizen cryptocurrency. But I don’t have all the information yet. This being said the faucet has two payout options that you can use One being a mobile crypto wallet called Coinomi which I do have and use for personal and business but not for this project. The other one is just a Horizen wallet called Sphere which is also created by Horizen. This is the one I use for the project and the reason I do is because you can extra rewards on holding $ZEN. Sphere wallet is the only one that support that at the time of this post. 

The Payment Proofs 15-28.


Ru-Kun's 15th payout from
Ru-Kun’s 15th payout from


Ru-Kun's 16th payout from
Ru-Kun’s 16th payout from


Ru-Kun's 17th payout
Ru-Kun’s 17th payout


Ru-Kun's 18th payout
Ru-Kun’s 18th payout


Ru-Kun's 19th payout
Ru-Kun’s 19th payout


Ru-Kun's 20th payout
Ru-Kun’s 20th payout


Ru-Kun's 21th payout
Ru-Kun’s 21th payout


Ru-Kun's 22nd payout
Ru-Kun’s 22nd payout


Ru-Kun's 23nd payout
Ru-Kun’s 23nd payout


Ru-Kun's 24nd payout
Ru-Kun’s 24nd payout


Ru-Kun's 25th payout
Ru-Kun’s 25th payout


Ru-Kun's 26th payout
Ru-Kun’s 26th payout


Ru-Kun's 27th payout
Ru-Kun’s 27th payout


Ru-Kun's 28th payout
Ru-Kun’s 28th payout

Like I said this site is still in my testing list but I will reward those who are active with what I had stated above. The reason I state this is so you guys know that I’m still testing and that means it’s not considered legit yet. But I do want active referrals. So this being stated if you would like to join as my downline and earn free Horizen cryptocurrency then click m referral link here: (GETZEN.Cash switching to Pipeflare)

Thanks For Reading.


By Ru-Kun

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