Most of the time in life I’m usually pretty easy going and was more so before I had got a major injury that has affected the rest of my life. I was injured in a car accident with FedEx and to this day I regret settling my case instead of going full force law suit. But the amount of stress and the extra bullshit from the  case and my own legal team that I actually still have stress issues and anxiety and anger with. But I know for what goes around comes around. I will never stop believing that as I’ve seen enough in my life to know that it does. Anyways, so I was hit by a FedEx van that was going 60 mph on Highway 395 just outside Deer Park, Wa heading into Spokane to go to work at Walmart on north Colton in the city of Spokane United States. I suffered multiple bulging disc from my neck down to my lumbar spine. This happen in 2012 and I still have issues to this day and it’s never going away. But I’m doing my best to manage my pain and doing pretty good for the most part. But I have a bulging disc in my neck, I think like 2. I have 2 in I think in my thoracic spine with some slight compression on my spine between T7=8 and T8-9. I also have some bugling disc in my lumbar I think one disc is slightly degenerated. I would have to look at my MRI stuff. Anyways I might go more into detail about this later on in a later post of something.

So as you can see I have a lot of issues including a degenerative eye issue called keratoconus which I had all my life pretty much. Basically I don’t have as good of vision as most people. You could say I’m pretty damn disabled and yet I fee and have bee told that I work harder then most healthy people. I’m in pain all the time but do my best to maintain it. But its not always possible especially when your like me and work a crap ton of hours. I’m pretty much working overtime most of the time since Black Friday of last 2017. So I work a lot of hours for a company called Kellermeyer Bergensons Services where I’m a Crew Lead in their janitorial area of services and have been for a while now. About a year and half. I also run my own business since 2010. It doesn’t make much money but it starting too and trying to kick it up a notch. I have a 4 year degree, majored in Software systems engineering and minor in business management. But I have issues sitting for long periods of time now because of my car accident injury. So I don’t really work in my field of study except for my business. And I am getting management type experience from KBS (short for Kellermeyer Bergensons Services), but my experience working for them hasn’t always been the greatest. And by next year I’ll be making minimum wage again for boss work. I have asked for a raise many times.

LOL I’m always looking for the better opportunity here is my current resume located on my own secure web server for the most part ran by me with some limitations of root access:

KBS is basically a cleaning building maintenance services company. In my area Spokane, Wa. United States, we clean Macy’s, Home Depot, Kohls, Kmart and JCPennys. I have cleaned them all I’m currently the Lead at Northtown Kohls. I started at Macy’s at Spokane Valley they were awesome and they actually hired for bit. Macy’s you guys are awesome LOL. So most of of my store is part of what I liked about the job and cleaning is very easy despite disability and I’m good at it because my mom raised us this way to work hard and what not. Thank you mom I love you. The thing I  like is that fact I get a lot of hours. Thank my boss for that and I probably would have left the company a long time ago if I had any of the other bosses with the company which  you guys will see why as you read further on. So KBS from what some of the the stores had told me seem to be the bottom of the cleaning company’s and I know from experience as they don’t care about their employees or even their customers. And I been through some situations that I just don’t think is ok or should even have happened but it did and my breaking point in that might need to go through and fight this as it not ok. I never deserved it in any way shape or form. No one deserves it in anyway shape or form. But it has inspired me to add cleaning service my company, though I’m still in the process of doing so. My trade name is jack of all cleaners.

The biggest situations I have ran into quite recently is with both the store and my company. I will first say it is the biggest bullshit situation and no one deserves it. So first I will say that I American and white so I the almost the picture of European white boy (goofy ass white boy) though I have Jewish ancestry and other stuff. I have 23andme dna results to prove it even though I don’t care to. I’m not a racist or have any types of thoughts as such. More than enough people to testify that as well. So to start out, I had got a friend hired at KBS for a job in which he was to be hired for Northtown Kohls. I was out at Liberty Lake, Wa Home Depot. My buddy lives really close to that Home depot and Kohls was only about 4 blocks away from my house. I was spending about $200 in gas a mouth. So I gave my buddy my store and switch to that store. That store was awesome and the employee there said they were going to miss me. In fact a couple of them even told me to apply.

So not long after being at the store (Northtown Kohls) about a week I believe. Maybe a bit longer? But not very long. I  have never had any complaints and was even hired by one store for a bit. Kohls complained to my boss that I had said a racist comment to a Kohls employee there about my own employee  (KBS) who I had never met until after the fact. The girl that porters my store. My boss was hesitant about calling me as he for most part knows I would never say something like that. I mean he was good buddy of mine back in the days but we went our own ways for a bit. When finally he called and asked me about it after another complaint from the store about what he was doing to do about it, he asked if I said a statement that had the n word in it about my employee who I have never met or even know what she looked like. Regardless, I would never say anything like that to anyone, I have almost such a hippy attitude but that supports science LOL. And there is no possible way of the statement ever being confused with any other words. I even asked for a copy of the complaint and never got a response or a copy of the original complaint.

So after much of feeling like I was walking on egg shell and texting the boos for answers and I was getting tired of the attitude I was receiving from these people. And he referred me to my company’s HR which then after I had talked with them, they kind of just pretty much blew me off especially when I said I could sue for slander and my own company’s HR told me that basically doesn’t apply basically unless your a celebrity. And I completely forgot that I recorded that call and I will be sharing it on the web site as I don’t think this is right in any way. But access will be limited as I will be asking for donations for what might happen next either I lose my job or I may have to go for a law suit which I don’t want to as I had enough bullshit with my car accident law suit. So I’ll be setting that up here soon.

So after this not too much has happened but some attitudes from associates and what not. One actually stated to me that they like to complain. This is a manager type person. I’m like really, myself I think complaining is stupid and I wish I didn’t have to do it but we do. Whatever, that is were they are at. I still maintained my professionalism and what not, though this whole situation and anxieties from it has made my aches, pains, nausea and tingle a lot worse as of the late on top of working a bunch of hours one day off a week. I’ve been cutting hours here and then to get some more relax time as I effing hurt and it helps especially when I working split shifts days. My final draw was one of the days I let my store know I was going to be leaving an hour early and one of the manager persons made a statement saying I always leave early. Like really and I had get anxious and explain  myself as I have a disability that cause me to have pain and issues all the time. Besides I still have overtime. So needless to say this is a shitty situation and I’m not ok with this. And just in case I’m going to be raise funds to protect my copyright on the recorded call in dealing the company’s I work for hr department and in case I do need to go full law suit. This is NOT ok. And I might even get protection to my bosses as they will back me up in this matter they told me which could cause them to lose their jobs as well. And like I said if it were not for them I wold be working for KBS as one I’m pretty much disabled but I will not fight for disability anymore as its a waste of time and a mental drain as well. You can have an arm or leg missing and still be denied. So I may end up trying trying to make sure their lives are not messed up as well  from whatever happen next. In a sense they did this to themselves Sorry NOT sorry. I didn’t do anything but take over the store and try do my best to do my job though being basally disabled.

Btw I’m always looking for a new job I’m talented person and I have a 4 years degree again here is my resume:

I run this site and server.

These are my other websites I run.

I’m still doing a lot of work on a few of the sites.

I will post more updates on this later.

Thank you very much for reading.

By Ru-Kun

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