God I love Computer Crashes And/Or Losing Data

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      Welcome the dread thread of computer crashes where everyone can tell their horror stories of device/computer crashes. We all fucking hate when this shit happens which its the reason I’m starting this thread because my fucking computer crashed. I’m mean I’m pretty sure I can get it to boot up but I had got the fucking blue screen of death multiple times in the past couple of days. Rebooting then the hard drive doesn’t show up anywhere in the bios and so on. I have had the Pc for while. I’m pretty sure my hard drive is failing which is why I order a new hard drive and just going to clone the bastard as my OS is on there.

      I will be taking the hard drives out as I have two in my desktop, then I going to run an error and disc check with another computer.

      Got some scary fucking computer or device crash stories come share then here.


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