Epic PTC is my company’s adopted little brother for our PeeTree Ad Network paid to click web sites. When I say adopted I meaning I didn’t realize that Epic PTC dot com was previously owned and turned scam until after I bought the domain and installed evolutionscript for the site. I thought the name sounded good and the domain was available. I didn’t realize until an email came to my admin email got a email for someone named Justin in which I had to unsubscribe from the sender as it was filling up my account. Looked it up and found out it was turn scam. Oh well. It’s not going to stop me from making it a legit site. But I may have to face some back lash from it but I’m getting prepared for it by getting domain name history. And prepare for those who attempt to destroy my brand and reputation as my company and I are not scammers and I find it stupid that I have to even say that. But it takes a couple of dumb people to ruin it for the rest of us. But regardless I still plan on running the site and making it awesome.

If you would like to join and earn some extra money this the following link: https://www.epicptc.com

Don’t forget free members earn sales commissions as well when your referral makes advertising purchases and also if you referral upgrades.

By Ru-Kun

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