Ru-Kun’s 26th & 27th Payouts From Cryptotab Mining Pool

Ru-Kun’s 26th & 27th Payouts From Cryptotab Mining Pool

Welcome to another payment proof post for Cryptotab browser, well 2 payment proofs this time. I hope you all are doing well out there and being safe. My name is @ru-kun Rutakus which is my online handle/user name. Plus, I record/produce music under this name. I’m the owner/creator of this Thoughts Of Everything media site. Here where we discuss about everything. I’m not going to go into too much detail of the project because I blog about it a lot and I have to getting ready for work soon. Cryptotab mining pool is just as it says. You mine crypto and are paid in Bitcoin.

The payments

Because I missed posting my 26th payout, this post is going to have my 26th and 27th payouts. These payments were sent to my Coinbase trading account. My 2th payment was for 0.00001698 BTC, see my screenshot below:

Ru-kun's 26th Cryptotab payout

Ru-kun’s 26th Cryptotab payout

Blockchain link: My 27th payment was for 0.00001722 BTC you can see my screenshot below:

Ru-Kun's 27th Cryptotab payout

Ru-Kun’s 27th Cryptotab payout

You can see the blockchain transaction here:

Like I stated I’m going to make this post quick. You can see all the posts written about cryptotab here: if you would like to join and test the mining pool with us then click this link here to join under me:

Thanks for reading. 

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