Here is the post I will be discussing the various things like tips and suggestions for successfully completing PTSUs (paid-to-sign ups) on the various PTC/GPT sites. Paid-to-sign-ups (also known as registration ads or something similar) are a great way to make your minimum payout a lot faster then just clicking away at ads or reading ads. But to be able to get credit for one of these you need to meet the minimum requirements ser forth by the ones who posted the PTSU advertisement. Sometimes in my opinion the requirements are a bit vague or confusing, well maybe for some. Anyways, here in the following I discuss some common suggestions and tips that I have gathered from my experience in completing PTSUs.


The first most important thing to do is first read the direction set forth by the site you are completing the PTSU on. The reason being that there are sometimes rules—whether they be in the web sites’ terms of use or under the list of PTSU advertisements themselves—that are required by the web site in order for the PTSU to be valid. An example rule could be like the ones that are on most Aurora script PTC web sites, “Must click 30+ ads to receive credit”. But anyways the best thing I can offer for you to complete paid to sign up offers is to follow the rules, and be active in the offer you had signed up under. The reason is that people pay good money for these sign up and expect to gain active referrals from that sign.


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