Why, hello there everyone and how are you guys doing today? Hopefully you guys are doing well and hanging in there. Before I begin I would like to send some love on over to India as they are getting hit super hard with Covid19 at the time of this post. Plus I’m going to send out much love to all those who are working hard on the frontlines, working hard at helping prevent the spread of Covid and what not. Thank you very much. 

So anyways back on the subject of what I was really going to post about. Just as the title of the article/blog post states I just got my second payout from Comical Clicks. Comical Clicks is becoming one of my favorite sites along with the owner’s other site called Where The Money Grows and is getting up there with Scarlet-Clicks & network websites. Sorry I’m not going to list the other 2 site ran by Scarlet-Clicks‘ admin. Comical Clicks still has a little bit to go before it can be listed up there with the Elite #beermoney earning sites. But here is my second payout payment proof below and it was again to our company Paypal meaning I fully put the money I earned back into the business. But anyways here is the screenshot of my payment proof.

Comical Clicks 2nd payout

So I’m planning on keeping this post short as I got a lot of shit to do. But I will mention that that I got some ads run for my get-paid-to sites to testing out the advertising and give you guys some stats. Anyways, thank you for reading this post and if you joined under me as you support this site and keep us doing what we do. Now if you want to join Comical Clicks click here: http://www.comicalclicks.com/index.php?ref=MrRuste 

By Ru-Kun

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