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Hello everyone and how are you guys doing? Yes I will be doing two blog posts today thankfully. Those of you new readers/visitors I hope your doing well. I’m doing ok, glad to be writing articles like this. Payment proofs from work from home programs that help me earn extra money since most of us in this world are living pay check to pay check TT. Every little bit helps which is why I do these programs. The project we are going to look at here is a paid to click website called Ads By UAP UAP short for Ultimate Affiliate Program and this will be my first payout from the project.

This isn’t the first time I have written about this program on Thoughts Of Everything as I started publicly writing about Ads By UAP before I had the rule about earning projects without a payment being only discussed in member only posts and not public posts. The other reason is i had also already tested the PTC advertising there and was able to purchase advertising through PayPal with the use of the support ticket system. You can see everything written here on our site tag for this project: I will say my advertising did pretty well and I will be adverting in the future after I verify earnings being paid. This project is a registered company, verified here: Two more payments need to be received by me to be moved to the paying list. Time has already past for time online. I had to use support more than once and getting answers is fast and prompted, my issues have always bee fixed thus far.

Ads By UAP is a paid to click program and also has video ads as well. You can also earn commissions for downline buying advertisements. Which means more ads to view for yourself as well. The amount you earn is based on your membership type but at the time of this post all members even free account earn ad sales commissions. But free members don’t earn from downline upgrade purchases. I’m a free members and have a couple active downline. I’m not active everyday. This payment proof is the earning from my activity and some of my referrals. I was paid in Bitcoin. You can see my payment proof screenshot below.

Ru-Kun’s 1st Payout From Ads By UAP

Ru-Kun's 1st payout from Ads By UAP
Ru-Kun’s 1st payout from Ads By UAP

It took a couple of days after the payment was sent due to network overload on the Bitcoin blockchain. So when I requested payout, it was about $19 something after processing fee. After I had received it my payout when up XD. like I said 2 more payments this project goes on my paying list. This being said this project is still on my testing list but if you join before moving up to the paying list I will give a referral program testing reward for help me test our the project’s affiliate program. if you wan to be my downline click my affiliate link here:

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