Someday’s I just get into one of those irritated with the amount of shit we have to do to log in to a simple damn account. And I’ m a software engineer and computer person LOL I repair computers and what not. So that’s why most of the time it doesn’t bother me. But I also hav e a lot of back and spine issues from a car accident and at times bad joint pain in my wrist and fingers. Probably old skate boarding injury. Anyways, so at times it sucks to type especially with my left hand as that is the wrist I hurt the most. And I use some pretty secure passwords for things. And even though I know I type my damn fingers don’t want to effing move or something. And then there is the stupid security stuff like 2-step-verification and shit. And sending or calling your phone to give you a dumb code. Just to login to an account for whatever reason (none of your effing business). If people would just not be greedy damn bastards we all would even have to have all this shit or if people would mind there own business. But I don’t care on my side as I don’t have anything to hide but I don’t want stuff being taken like my identity but a theft and/or used for other frauds as well. Anyways, I’m not saying people not to use it, in fact both I recommend you keep your stuff secure my company does as well. But I will say that the other side of me likes how technology is advancing. But it getting stupid all the extra security shit. Hell this site is hacked daily and I wish I could do more to stop these fucktards but not much more at the moment.

By Ru-Kun

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