Hello everyone Rukun here with a new addition of something I would like to call The Scammer Profile series Site list here are not necessarily scam but they may end up as scams or in a sense they are not safe. Unlike other bloggers or blogs I won’t feed you a line of crap when if comes to anything in fact but this has been my focus lately as there has been and still so many scammers  out there in the online earning industry with has really hurt the industry for the honest people and business owners. And the amount of blogs out there on the internet don’t really provide any information  about a site or anything that could help. Now I start earning online with paid to click sites and survey sites. Pretty much any get-paid-to site. Surveys not so much except on a I was an active member a while back called Clixsense but I’m not sure what it would be called right now as they don’t have ptc (paid-to-click) ads. I might actually go back there and give them a test. They were the most trusted. I joined them back in 2007.

Anyways back to the first discussion of this and here we will be mainly focusing on one site as I ran across it today and the site design is not bad really and that is what the kicker is because the nice looking site would could be such a risk to join. Now as of now at the time of this post I will say 99% of sites are scammers. Now I’m working to change that and any team I may bring on into this site will abide by those rules as well. But anyways this site is called Dragonclix Dot Net. Sorry I’m not going to provide a link as I would rather not for your safety. Like I said I not saying the site is a scam as I have not experienced it myself from this site and I probably not going to test. But if you would like to see me test it. I will accept donations to do so due the risk factors I will be explaining below. Back when I first started in the online earning industry I was in college trying to make extra money while in school. Which was a good thing even though I had to go through a lot of wasting time and what not due to so many scammers. Plus all my uplines never really gave any information on things which you will still find as an issue even now in days. But here at Thoughts Of Everything I will change that. #betterhumansbureau #BetterHumansSociety Or at least I will try my best. But the earnings back then help me run my first website RutakuAnime which was the start of where I’m at today. Thoughts of Everything would have never been created. RutakuAnime DOT ORG actually redirects you to our anime category here and our anime discussion area in our member only discussion forums. So this was back in like 2005, in fact I have plans of importing all my old blog post from my old earning blogs.

Back then, scammers were the only ones that used domain privacy services to hide who actually owns so no one could contact them if they scammed you. Today, this may not as true due to the factor that scammers, spammers and hackers have been harvesting information online for whatever. But I will still use this as a means to to be careful with a website. If a online earning site is honest and has their domain information hidden they will at least be honest of who runs the site. Now Dragonclix has there domain information hidden and according to domains Tools: https://whois.domaintools.com/dragonclix.net the domain is also listed for sale at the time of this post. Two things you should look at the might make you want to be careful with. Again this still does not make the site a scam but does put it at a higher risk. But this next thing I will say is the kicker, is that is not only telling me to keep away but you should do the same as don’t join or advertise. The site runs on a type of script called EvolutionScript which is the same code all my paid-to-click website runs on. I’m not saying this is bad but EvolutionScript is licensed code/script and as I checked this domain name for this web site on EvolutionScript’s license check which had stated the following:

“dragonclix.net uses illegal EvolutionScript license: Please report this site clicking here.”

This means the website Dragonclix is using an illegal version of the code and you really can’t trust it, but that could change. See here is the screenshot on the EvolutionScript license checker:

Evolution Script license checker for dragonclix.net domain
Click this image to view full image size

So with this big said this website is a perfect example of a scam type of profile. That being said if you wondering how I was able to tell what script the site runs on is because of my experience and what I received my college degree in with is Software Systems Engineering. Plus my sites have been using EvolutionScript for a while. But you can easily tell by viewing the code for the website design (most internet browser on a computer allow you to view a page source by right-clicking on your mouse and selecting an option close to viewing page source or section source or something close to that. Once there you can take a look at the top section where the calls to load all the website theme/template files and it will show a common structure to EvolutionScript, take a look at my screenshot below where I used some arrows to point to some of the files I was talking about.

Dragonclixs view page source
Click here to view full sized image

This is a common structure and most of the time is kept the same when designers/web developers make templates for this code. Anyways there are other factors to consider as well though I haven’t found anywhere in the site that states no invest for making money but in the terms it states you must

“For security reasons you must deposit at least once via (Payeer,Bitcoin,Paypal,Skrill) to receive your cashout

Which even on an honest site if you don’t agree with an item in the term of service you should not join that given site or program in question. But I will say that IMO I don’t see any “security” reason for a deposit so to me it is kind of bullshit because there is other ways for a business to verify if a person is a real of fake/bot account. So this being said I will suggest really reading and keep checking the terms of a website or program as things can always change. So this we here at Thoughts Of Everything are going to stay away from this site.

I first want to thank you guys for reading, feel free to join our site and leave comments, join in on our members only discussion forums or whatever. Thank you. And I will mention we always need you support as some of our content is very risky as we tend to get a lot of hate from those who do such things a scam people and will go as far as to try and hack or tarnish our name. So we accept donations which is a sense give you access some of our riskier content either because of security risks or we haven’t fully investigated something. But we also have other plans for upgraded accounts. So when you donate to us you get a life upgraded account with all content. As right now this site is still part of my company I will also be offering a 5% life time discount on most everything my company offers or will be offering. Anyways more information to get these awesome benefits click here: What is Paid Access and How to Get It

Thanks again for reading and whatever else. #BetterHumansSociety #alllifeisimportant

By Ru-Kun

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